Kim Min-jae, selected as the best 11 candidate of all time in Naples… 33 years of winning challenge

 Kim Min-jae, who is active as a key defender of Napoli, was mentioned as one of the best 11 of all time in Napoli.

Italian media outlets such as Tutonapoli introduced the best 11 of all time in Naples, selected by local commentator Chiariello on the 17th (Korean time). Chiariello does not include not only Osimen, who is the top scorer in Serie A this season, but also Insigne and Mertens, who have been active as Napoli’s leading strikers in recent years, in the best 11스포츠토토. Introduced. Maradona, who led Napoli’s last Serie A championship in the 1989-90 season, and Ham Shik, who played an active role as a midfielder representing Naples, were introduced as the best 11 ever.

Napoli’s all-time best 11 strikers were selected based on the 4-3-1-2 formation, with Kareka and Kvarazhelia. Maradona was named the attacking midfielder, and Hamshik, Giuliano and Bagni were selected as the midfielders. Goolam, Koulibaly, Krol and Bruce Colotti were selected as defenders, and Geoff was named Napoli’s all-time best goalkeeper.

Among the active players, Min-jae Kim and the robot car were selected as candidates for Napoli’s best 11 history. Higuain and Cavani, who were active as Napoli’s representative strikers, were also included in the best 11 candidates for Napoli’s history.

While playing as Napoli’s main defender this season, Kim Min-jae is recognized for his outstanding performance in Italy, such as winning the Player of the Month award selected by the Serie A secretariat in September last year. Napoli is leading the league with a record of 19 wins, 2 draws and 1 loss (59 points) in Serie A this season, and is significantly ahead of second-place Inter Milan (44 points) by a margin of 15 points, the first in Serie A in 33 years. The odds of winning are foreseen. Napoli, led by Kim Min-jae in defense, has allowed 15 goals in 22 Serie A games this season, recording the least amount of goals in the league.

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