Kim Si-rae “I don’t think I’ve lost my skills. I’m confident”

Kim Si-rae won the team with the same body movements as in his heyday. 

Seoul Samsung Thunders, where Kim Si-rae played a big role, won 73-70 in the 5th round against Suwon KT Sonicboom in the 2022-2023스포츠토토 SKT A-Dot Pro Basketball Regular League held at Jamsil Gymnasium on the 2nd.

Kim Si-rae, who started on this day, played 26 minutes and 47 seconds and made a big success with 11 points, 5 rebounds and 4 assists. In particular, he gave the team victory by recording a steal that decided the game at the end of the game and an assist to help Lee Jung-hyun’s fast-breaking layup shot. 

Kim Si-rae said, “It was a difficult time for the manager, coaches, and players all during the lengthy losing streak. Still, I am happy to break the losing streak. I want to continue this atmosphere and win the next game. Because of the loss, the losing streak was prolonged. I tried to focus on the game today. The coaching staff and players all prepared to pour in today’s game.” 

Regarding Anthony Moss, who played a lot of time in place of Darral Willis, who was absent that day, Kim Shi-rae said, “Moss screened well and defended well. We all thought Moss would do well. There was,” he praised his teammates. 

When asked about the situation in which he assisted by stealing the opponent’s ball at the end of the fourth quarter, Kim Si-rae said, “I was defending and I saw the ball bend. I saw Prosper, but I thought I could catch it if I jumped one more step, but I caught it. (Lee) Jung-hyeon gave it to my brother, and he made a quick attack,” he explained. 

On the other hand, Kim Si-rae’s recent sluggish performance has raised concerns about his lack of skills. Regarding this, Kim Si-rae said, “Honestly, I don’t think my skills have declined. I also have confidence. I thought I should throw more shots in today’s game. The odds were not good, but I played passively in the previous games and caused a nuisance to the team. I made up my mind today,” he said. 

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