‘Koo Chang-mo 600 million & Park Seok-min 93% cut → 50 million won’ NC, annual salary contract completed

 NC Dinos concluded the annual salary contract.

NC delivered the news of the completion of the 2023 season salary contract through a press release on the 27th. A total of 62 players are eligible for renewal, excluding rookies and FA players.

In early January, left-handed ace Koo Chang-mo, who signed a non-FA multi-year contract for up to 7 years and 13.2 billion won, has an annual salary of 600 million won this year. This is a 216% increase from 190 million won last year.  카지노

Excluding players with multi-year contracts, Kim Si-hoon, a ‘hit product’ who went back and forth between selection and bullpen, recorded the highest rate of increase. Kim Si-hoon got 90 million won, a 200% increase from the minimum annual salary of 30 million won last year. In addition, left-hander bullpen Kim Yeong-kyu signed a contract for 140 million won, a 47% increase from last year’s 95 million won, and entered into an annual salary of 100 million won.

In fielding, infielder Oh Young-soo recorded the highest increase rate. They agreed on an annual salary of 60 million won, a 100% increase from the basic annual salary of 30 million won last year. Kim Joo-won, who is supposed to be the starting shortstop, signed up for 90 million won, a 50 percent increase from last year’s 60 million won. He failed to enter the billion-dollar annual salary. 

Meanwhile, veteran players have not escaped the fate of drastic cuts. Shim Chang-min, who was sluggish due to an elbow injury after the trade, signed a contract for 150 million won, a 46% reduction from 280 million won. Park Seok-min, who is desperate after the scandal for violating quarantine rules, concluded an annual salary contract of 50 million won, a 93% reduction from 700 million won, as is known. 

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