Korean Air saw hope in ‘Jung Han-yong and Lee Joon’

 I saw hope even in the unfortunate defeat.

 Men’s professional volleyball Korean Air scored a set score of 2-3 (25-22 24-26 22-25 25-22 19-21) in an away game against Woori Card in the 4th round of Dodram 2022-2023 V-League held at Jangchung Gymnasium in Seoul on the 14th. defeated with Recently, they ended their three-game winning streak and earned 53 points (18 wins and 4 losses). The leading position was firmly maintained.

 At the edge of the precipice, I took a valuable victory point. Outside heaters Jeong Han-yong and Lee Joon were replaced and turned the tide. The two, who joined Korean Air side by side last season, have served as backups, supporting Jung Ji-seok and Kwak Seung-seok. It was different this time. woke up my teammates Jeong Han-yong scored 12 points (attack success rate 83.33%), including 1 serve and 1 먹튀검증blocking, and Lee Jun scored 5 points (attack success rate 60%) with 2 blocks.

 After winning the first set, Korean Air gave up the second and third sets. Opposite spiker Lincoln Williams (registered name Lincoln) scored a total of 44 points (attack success rate 55.74%) with 9 serves and 1 block. He set the record for the most points and serve ace in a single game. However, support from outside heaters was lacking. Jung Ji-seok scored 7 points (attack success rate 23.08%) with 2 serves and 2 blocking, and Kwak Seung-seok only scored 4 points (attack success rate 30.77%).

 The fourth set also didn’t start well. It was pulled up to 2-8. In 0-2, Korean Air replaced Jung Ji-seok with Jeong Han-yong, in 0-4 with Han removed and replaced with Yoo Kwang-woo, and in 2-8 with Kwak Seung-seok and Lee Joon.

 Jeong Han-yong blocked Agamez with a single block and made it 3-8. Lee Joon contributed to the pursuit of 9-11 by scoring consecutively with time difference and back attack. Jeong Han-yong’s clever blocking touchout scored 11-12, a one-point gap. After that, Jeong Han-yong’s sub ace exploded. It was balanced at 15-15. Korean Air, who first reached the 20-point mark with Lincoln’s consecutive serve aces, scored 23-19 with Jeong Han-yong’s open. I brought 4 sets.

 In the last 5 sets, Jung Han-yong and Lee Jun started with Yoo Kwang-woo. Jeong Han-yong continued to play an active role, making 4-3, 5-4, and 9-7 with quick open and back attacks. After allowing the turnaround to 11-12, Jeong Han-yong scored consecutively with a quick open and Lee Joon blocked, turning the score over to 13-12. I also owed 14-13, 17-16 due to the time difference with Jeong Han-yong’s rear attack. It was a meaningful fight even though he knelt down to the opponent in repeated deuces.

 On the other hand, 3,217 fans visited Jangchung that day, recording the highest number of spectators in the men’s division this season.

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