Lee Chung-yong appointed vice president of the Football Players Association… “Minimum salary issue needs serious review”

The Athletes Association announced on the 10th, “As a result of the vote 메이저사이트for and against at the recently held first board meeting in 2023, Lee Chung-yong was appointed as vice chairman.”

Lee Chung-yong, the new vice chairman, said, “I have a heavy burden on my shoulders because I am in charge of a heavy duty, but I will work hard.”

He added, “The minimum annual salary (24 million won) for a rookie player does not match the current price.

Yeom Ki-hoon, vice chairman, said, “I hope that vice-president Lee Chung-yong will do a lot for the Athletes Association. I hope that he will melt various experiences, including the English Premier League (EPL), to protect the rights of players.”

The Athletes’ Association agreed to deal with the issue of the minimum annual salary in depth and to talk with the Korea Professional Football Federation as soon as possible.

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