Lee Seung-bae, 55 years old, former professional baseball player… KPGA Champions Tour ‘QT’ Chief

Lee Seung-bae, a former professional baseball player, passed the KPGA Champions Tour QT at the age of 55.

Lee Seung-bae obtained KPGA Pro (Associate Member) qualification in 2007. Afterwards, he was active on the SKY72 tour, the predecessor of the 2008 KPGA Challenge Tour. For reasons of his livelihood, he gave up his touring life and entered the path of lessons.

However, his enthusiasm for the tour life could not be hidden even at the age of 50. Lee Seung-bae succeeded in entering the senior stage in 2019. He had no outstanding performances. By 2022, he had competed in a total of 24 tournaments, but only 7 had won prize money.

Still, he did not stop his challenge. In the end, he achieved the feat of winning the senior pass in the KPGA Champions Tour QT. Lee Seung-bae took first place with a final total of 9 under par and 135 strokes in the final match of the KPGA Champions Tour QT held at Easy Sky CC in Gunwi, Gyeongbuk for two days from November 22 last year.

Lee Seung-bae said, “I am very happy to be able to continue playing in the KPGA Champions Tour. I am living a tour and teaching life at the same time due to realistic conditions, but the KPGA Champions Tour is a stage where I can confirm my existence as a player.” feel,” he said.

At the same time, Lee Seung-bae said, “After participating in the KPGA Champions Tour, I get advice from many players. Every time I do that, I receive a lot of energy from the tour players I play with, along with camaraderie.” I want you to feel the energy,” he said. 온라인카지노

Lee Seung-bae’s passion for golf was passed on to his son Lee Dong-ha. As a professional golf player on the move who obtained KPGA tour pro (full member) qualification in September of last year, he walked the same path as his father. Lee Seung-bae said, “I am proud and happy that my son thinks of playing together on the tour, even though the stage is different. When he was young, he was good at long hits, with an average drive distance of over 300 yards.” took off

At the same time, Lee Seung-bae said, “Looking at my son, he puts a lot of effort into skill-oriented training. I hope he will show his best performance this year by taking care of himself thoroughly while paying attention to mental training.”

Seungbae Lee’s goal for 2023 is to win his first championship. Lee Seung-bae expressed his determination, saying, “If I win, I will be more than happy.” “If I play every round with calmness like last year’s ‘KPGA Champions Tour QT’, I think I will be able to show good performance.”

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