“Levy shot himself in the foot!”… Fierce criticism towards Levi, ‘Why didn’t Kane renew his contract earlier?’

 Will Tottenham’living legend’ Harry Kane leave for Bayern Munich?

Kane’s move to Bayern Munich is gaining momentum. Kane’s contract with Tottenham expires next year. In order not to send Kane for free next year, we have to transfer Kane this summer. Bayern Munich want Kane, and Kane wants Bayern Munich.

As the situation progressed, Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy found himself in a quandary. You can’t send Kane, the symbol of the team, and it’s even worse to send it for free next year. Whether it’s this summer or next year, there doesn’t seem to be a way to stop the transfer as of now.

As a result, the owner of Tottenham, Joe Louis, who had been quiet for a while, exploded. He instructed Chairman Levy to sell Kane. He conveyed a strong stance that Kane could never be sold for free. It is known that Tottenham and Bayern Munich have started negotiations for a transfer fee of 100 million pounds (164.2 billion won).

The Kane crisis that is sweeping Tottenham right now. who made it There was a claim that he was the chairman of Levy. And he strongly criticized Chairman Levy, who was bystander until this situation happened.

Typically, clubs in Europe negotiate and renew contracts about two years before the end of the contract period. However, Kane, the team’s legend, did not renew the contract until one year was left. It was the same as trusting Kane’s loyalty and standing by. This is why Chairman Levy cannot avoid criticism.

Scottish striker Frank McAveny, who played for West Ham, Aston Villa, and Celtic, savagely criticized Chairman Levy through England’s Football Inside.

He said, “I don’t know what Chairman Levy is doing. Harry is in the final year of his contract. It’s a situation where you can export it for free. Levy shot himself in the foot,” he said.온라인카지노

“Tottenham fans will not accept Kane’s transfer. Everyone loves Kane and wants him to stay. I don’t know what Levy is doing, but if Kane leaves, Tottenham fans and Luis will not be happy.” added.

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