Lindeman Lake

About 2 weeks ago I attempted to do some photography of the sunset from the shores of Lindeman Lake without much success. The hike out in the dark proved to be not too difficult so the next week I decided to try to catch the sunrise.

 As I left my house at 5 am, I noticed a light mist falling. I figured the worst case scenario would be hiking to the lake in the rain and then turning around and coming right home, getting some good exercise but leaving the camera in the bag. The rain increased as I drove through town and then dissappeared as I turned the corner onto Chilliwack Lake Rd. After an uneventful drive to the trailhead, I got out of the truck and was a bit surprised to see the moon and some stars, maybe there’d be some magic when the sun rose! 메이저놀이터

 I donned my headlamp and carried a flashlight, beginning the 2.5km hike in the pitch black. My plan was to be at the lake with plenty of time before the sunrise to find a good composition and then just wait for the best light. A short time later I was at the lake and clouds had moved in, obscuring the views of Mount Webb. Not to worry though because I liked the patterns in the ice, the subtle lighting, and the clouds against the mountains. I tried several comps. and so far this is my favourite.

Part of my plan for the day was to hike to Greendrop Lake, which is about another 3 kms from the end of Lindeman Lake. It was pretty easy going until the trail became icy beneath the trees. By 9 o’clock I decided that it was just to dangerous to keep going so I turned back.

 On the way back I noticed this craigy prominence and tried to show how the trees clung to and thrived on the sheer rock faces. This might look better with more than just a blank sky.

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