Losing the basics of Korean baseball, from coaching + mental + establishing basics

The United States has a variety of programs for baseball players, and professional coaches accompany them. Even in Korea, where the school baseball team develops players, it needs quality coaching staff and program improvement.

American MLB.com reporter토토사이트 Michael Clair told this paper, “Many students in the United States take private lessons to improve their skills. They enroll in elite sports academies that combine schoolwork with sports,” he said.

If you search ‘American Baseball Academy’ in English on the Internet, you will find the most famous franchise academy, the American Baseball Academy site. This academy has 194 training centers across the United States, and trains with different programs for each age group.

In Korea, a lot of private baseball academies have been created over the past five years, but education through school baseball clubs is still the mainstream.

However, in Korea, there is only one manager and one pitching and hitting coach in each of the elementary and high school baseball teams. Battery coaches are not met until they become pros, which leads to the absence of basic skills.

It is time to point out the absence of a ‘mental’ coach. Several reasons have been pointed out for the sluggish performance at the 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC), but it is analyzed that the players’ mentality was greatly shaken. Reporter Claire also commented on Korea’s failure to advance to the second round, saying, “Korean pitchers were shaken. The pitching unique to Korea is missing from the game,” he commented.

In Korea, mental coaches do not exist because they overlook the importance or cannot afford to hire them. This is the same in professional clubs, but most clubs do not have professional mental coaches, but there are only non-resident specialists by signing an agreement with an affiliated hospital. In the case of the United States, the coaching staff is segmented. Reporter Claire said, “The United States has been developing more mental skills programs and hiring mental coaches at all levels (kindergarten to adult) over the past 10 years.”

The absence of ‘Korean pitching’ should also be reconsidered. Domestic players do not have the opportunity or time to establish their own pitching since childhood. The time for individual training for student athletes to immerse themselves has decreased, and the process of establishing their own routine has naturally disappeared.

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