Men’s volleyball Kim Ji-han, next-generation Geopo reservation… “Now for the week”

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Professional volleyball Woori Card is not easily out of the middle.

However, Kim Ji-han, who scores at important moments and does more than her share, is attracting the attention of volleyball fans.

Reporter Jo Han-dae met Kim Ji-han, who was one step closer to the starting position.


The average attack success rate is 55%, and the scoring shot that is a ‘game changer’ at a critical moment serves as a nutrient for the entire team.

Woori Card’s outside hitter Kim Ji-han, who ranks 4th in the league.

Born in 1999, he completed his military service as a rabbit, played five seasons in the pros and suffered two trades.

In the meantime, Kim Ji-han became more solid.

<Kim Ji-han / Woori Card> “(At first) I just thought that I was traded because I couldn’t do it… I thought that was the case with the second trade, and I was traded because I needed it, so I thought I should show my growth.”

Kim Ji-han, a ‘reliable backup’ who ranked 3rd in scoring on the team, is now looking for a starter.

<Kim Ji-han / Woori Card> “If I say greed in the future, I think my ambition is to establish myself as a starting member, rather than starting as a backup.” 온라인바카라

The performance of Lim Dong-hyuk and Lim Seong-jin, who are playing together in the league, is a good stimulus for Kim Ji-han.

<Kim Ji-han / Woori Card> “Sung-jin is doing well in receiving and defense, and Dong-hyuk is showing good performance as a light (apposite spiker)… (Be confident that you can do better.) Yes, you can do better. “

Kim Ji-han, who is loved so much that he was selected as an All-Star, promised a greater leap in the future.

<Kim Ji-han / Woori Card> “You’ve been cheering me on a lot lately. I’m so grateful. I’ll do my best to show you a more mature image.”

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