Messi complaining of ‘mental exhaustion’…’I want to play for Barcelona, ​​even if it is 0 won’

Lionel Messi only wants Barcelona.

It was on the 5th (hereinafter Korean time) that the news related to Messi’s future destination changed dramatically. On the 5th, reporter Tony Juanmarti, who is from ‘Sport’ in Spain and runs the Barcelona podcast ‘Siempre Pogitivo’, uploaded a video of Messi’s agent and father, Jorge Messi, and Barcelona president Juan Laporta on his social media. shared through.토토사이트

It is known that Jorge Messi and President Laporta met in person and talked about Messi’s return. Regarding this, ‘Hihantes FC’, run by Gerard Romero, who is familiar with Barcelona-related news, also released a video interviewing Jorge Messi on the 5th, saying, “Messi wants to go back to Barcelona, ​​and I want him to come back. We want Messi to go to Barcelona.” I believe he can come,” he said.

As a result, Messi’s return to Barcelona is increasingly becoming a reality. Messi will become a free agent at the end of this season. Already on the 4th, Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) officially announced Messi’s resignation. Messi also had a farewell match through PSG’s last game of the 2022-23 season.

Messi also said goodbye to club officials and fans, saying, “I was very happy to represent PSG. It was really fun to play with good players in this team. I am grateful to the club for giving me a great experience.”

After the official announcement of the breakup with PSG, the world’s attention was focused on Messi’s future destination. There was an expectation that Barcelona’s plan to bring Messi back did not go smoothly, and he would decide to go to Saudi Arabia, but the situation changed rapidly.

The financial plan that Barcelona submitted to the Spanish La Liga secretariat was passed. In response, Mateo Moreto, a reporter for Spain’s Lelebo, said on the 5th: “Messi’s return is financially feasible. This is good news for Barcelona. They have passed an action plan (related to Messi’s return) in La Liga with all the necessary cuts. “With the departures of Antoine Griezmann, Gerard Pique, Jordi Alba and Sergio Busquets, the savings so far are very high.”

“Messi needs to be willing to wait. There is definitely something. His registration is currently impossible, but he is much closer than a few months ago,” said Moreto.

In addition to this, news emerged that Messi has decided to put an end to negotiations with Al-Hilal. Global media ‘’ reported, “Messi tried to adjust the details of the contract with Al-Hilal, but decided to put everything on hold.”

The media mentioned that Messi’s trip to Saudi Arabia was really close. “Messi’s side intended to hold a scheduled meeting with the Saudis to confirm the details of the only concrete proposal that reached Messi. The Saudis also wanted the deal to be concluded within this week. We requested that the negotiations be postponed for a while,” he added.

Al-Hilal is said to be puzzled by the sudden change in Messi’s attitude. In response, Al-Hilal informed Messi that an offer of this level could not be received in 2024. Messi’s contract prepared by Al-Hilal is known to be the best in football history. ‘’ estimated Messi’s annual salary proposed by Al-Hilal to be at least 400 million euros (about 559.1 billion won) and up to 600 million euros (about 839.8 billion won).

The reason Messi turned down the astronomical amount is because his return to Barcelona is becoming a reality little by little. That’s why Messi is serious about returning to Barcelona.

Romero said on the morning of the 6th: “According to Jorge Messi, Messi’s decision will be made known this Tuesday or Wednesday. At the moment Messi is struggling mentally. Messi still does not know his future. He will try to play for free.”

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