Monaco CB emerging as an alternative to Kim Min-jae?…Man United source, “If you look at the record, you should focus more on Kim Min-jae”

Axel Disassi is being discussed as a plan B in case of failure to recruit Kim Min-jae. However, when he looked at the record, the argument was raised that he should not miss Kim Min-jae.

Manchester United source ‘Man Utd News’ said on the 9th (Korean time), “Kim Min-jae has been a player who has been steadily leaking the possibility of joining Manchester United for the past few weeks. Disashi is another center back caught on Manchester United’s radar net. I want to, but for now, it is an alternative if I fail to recruit Kim Min-jae.”

The media continued토토사이트, “All of them will be of great help to Manchester United’s defense in terms of dominating the supply. However, looking at the statistics, it is necessary to focus more on Kim Min-jae than Disashi. Kim Min-jae succeeded in 73 passes (91% success rate) per game. On the other hand, Dasashi made an average of 42 passes (84% success rate).”

“Min-jae Kim had more tackles (1.6-0.8) and clearing (3.5-2.9) on average than Min-jae Kim. Disashi had slightly higher intercepts (1.5-1.2) than Min-jae Kim. However, the average per game I lost possession of the ball 9.7 times, which is more than Kim Min-jae (8.1 times),” he said, comparing the game indicators of the two players.

Manchester United have appointed Eric ten Haag as manager ahead of the season. The beginning was bad. Manchester United under the Ten Hag system suffered two consecutive defeats in the opening of the English Premier League (EPL). However, after going through reorganizations such as recruiting players and changing the defense, he succeeded in rebounding. And the following season, the European Football Federation (UEFA) Champions League (UCL) won the right to participate.

Now that the season is over, United are planning to strengthen some positions in the transfer window this summer. One of them is center back. Coach Ten Hag is operating Lisandro Martinez and Rafael Varane as his starting centre-back combination. His goal is to bring in a top-class defender who can become a formidable competitor to them.

To this end, we plan to clean up all surplus resources such as Phil Jones, Eric Bailly, and Axel Tuanzeb. In addition, Harry Maguire’s future is also unclear, so it is necessary to recruit one or two people. The player with a high possibility of being recruited right now is Kim Min-jae.

Kim Min-jae, who moved to Fenerbahce ahead of last season and stepped on the European stage for the first time, performed outstandingly and moved the team within a year. He wore the Italian Serie A prestigious Napoli uniform, which is a higher level than Turchie. Even in Naples he proved himself confidently. And recently, he helped Napoli win the league title.

Of course, Kim Min-jae is not the only candidate. Disasi, who is active at AS Monaco, was mentioned, including Julian Timber, who was a pupil of Ten Hag’s Ajax days. Disassi, a 25-year-old center back of French nationality, has appeared in all 38 French Ligue 1 matches this season, scoring three goals and providing three assists. The right to offer that comes out of the 190cm tall is excellent.

However, the ‘Man Utd’ news mentioned Min-jae Kim and Disashi’s game indicators this season and insisted that they should aim for Min-jae Kim. The media evaluated, “Kim Min-jae has a better defensive contribution than Disasi. He also has a high forward pass accuracy. He will be a better fit for Ten Hag’s tactics.”

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