My Holiday Trip

Now I have to make preparations for leaving to my home. I got 25 days leave sanctioned. This is after long struggle with my boss. My aircraft from Dubai to Trivandrum is also ready by that time.

Now I have to plan for duties to be done at my home town. I have to take my family consists of wife, daughter and aged mother for a marriage at Quilon, my sisters daughter’s marriage. As I am the only one uncle to her, it is very important. 온라인카지노I have land at Pathanamthitta where some disputes were going on. I have to settle it without much consequences. Apart from that I had a promise with my family that this time I will take them to Munnar to seeing the Neelakurinji Festival. For all this I need a car of my own convenient. Unfortunately, so far I don’t have a good car as my own.

One of my close friends advised me to have a luxury car from Apple Car Rental Service. I don’t have any prior experience in car rentals, and I am afraid of it having unexpected consequences might arise from it. But my friend arranged everything for me. A driver also ready for the whole journey. I fulfilled all programs in time. The car rent is very much affordable.

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