“Naples, I really don’t like it!!”… the lament of the famous

 I am approaching my first championship in my 30-year leadership career, but I am rather uncomfortable.

This is the story 카지노of Luciano Spalletti, who leads Napoli, the Italian Serie A leader. On the 24th, Napoli beat Juventus 1-0 in enemy territory and secured 79 points in the 2022/23 Serie A, reaching a 99.9% chance of winning.

If you win 1 win and 2 draws out of the remaining 7 games, you will win unconditionally, and you can rise to the top of the Italian first division in 33 years since 1990 through round 32, which will be held this weekend at the earliest. On the 29th, if Napoli beats Salernitana, a lower-ranking team, and Lazio, second in the league, draws or loses an away game against Inter Milan in 6th place, it will succeed in an early win regardless of the remaining games.

When this happens, Naples is in a festive mood. After the match against Juventus on the 24th, the team boarded a plane and arrived at Naples Airport after 2:00 am local time, and more than 10,000 citizens welcomed them. There were also quite a few fans who rode motorcycles and followed the team’s bus from the airport to enjoy the festive atmosphere.

Napoli players, fans, and citizens are already in the atmosphere of champion mode.

However, Spalletti does not seem to like the situation.

On the 25th, ‘Corriere dello Sport’, an influential Italian newspaper, said, “The victory against Juventus threw the whole city of Naples into a frenzy. The victory is now a few steps away, and the fans are ready to enjoy the joy of waiting for 33 years.” There is only one person who is not happy, that is manager Spalletti.”

Spalletti thinks that nothing has been done yet and the whole city is so excited that things can go awry.

Unlike the players who returned to Naples immediately after the Juventus match and received a warm welcome from the citizens, Spalletti enjoyed a two-day vacation in Milan near Turin, home of Juventus. In the meantime, he had heard of the Neapolitan atmosphere and rather calmed down.

The newspaper said, “Coach Spalletti intends to completely isolate the team from the atmosphere around him as soon as he comes to Napoli,” and “I plan to focus on keeping the tension on until the last moment. We will focus on getting the 3 points against Nitana.”

It remains to be seen if the ‘unhappy’ Spalletti can be the happiest man this weekend.

Coach Spalletti has also achieved many high-level results since he started his coaching career in 1993, but has never won a championship.

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