Newly launched DB under Kim Joo-sung, embracing Kim Young-hyun and Seo Min-soo

DB prepares for a fresh start

DB had a tough time last season. They started the season with two straight losses. They went on to win five in a row, but their main players were still out of form. Add to that the injuries. This is why DB sank to the bottom of the standings.메이저사이트

Then, last season, DB made a big change. Longtime head coach Lee Sang-beom left the team. He was replaced by DB’s franchise star, Kim Joo-seong. Although he was only the acting head coach at the time, he managed to inject some of his own colors into the team. This was successful, and the team went on a five-game winning streak at the end of the season.

Unfortunately, the gap was too big and they didn’t make it to the playoffs, but they prepared for the next season by using the “triple post” until the end of the season.

The off-season began. DB appointed Kim Joo-sung as the head coach. They also hired Coach Han Sang-min. Han is a veteran coach who has been with the Seoul SK for 14 years. He can lighten the rookie coach’s shoulders.

There were no major changes to the roster, but they did add some quality players. DB released Kim Hyun-ho (184cm, G) and Yoon Sung-won (196cm, F) as free agents. DB was the first to re-sign Kim Hyun-ho. They didn’t re-sign Yoon, but added Min-seom-soo (197 cm, F) and Kim Young-hyun (186 cm, G) to complete their roster.

Min-Soo is a versatile forward who can score from the perimeter despite his size. Although he did not receive much playing time in the second half of last season, he is a versatile player. In particular, he has experience playing DB in the past and has played with Kim before. This is why he can adapt to the DB position quickly.

Kim Young-hyun was a key part of the Ulsan Hyundai Mobis defense. Last season, he had one of the best seasons of his career, even adding an outside shot. He was also selected to the defense five. He has proven his worth and is headed to DB.

Lee Sun Albano (185cm, G), Doo Kyung-min (184cm, G), Kang Sang-jae (200cm, F), and Kim Jong-kyu (207cm, C), who are the mainstays of the DB, are still threatening players. And newcomers Kim Young-hyun and Min-seom-soo are more than enough to back them up. This is why DB is looking forward to next season.

The key is the health of the main players. Injuries were a big reason why DB faltered last season. In particular, Doo Kyung-min has only played an average of 32 games in the last two years. Kim Jong-kyu and Kang Sang-jae also struggled with injuries last season. These DBs will need to be healthy next season if they want to reclaim their honor.

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