“Nine hours, I slept so well… ” Calm morning of KIA’s next-generation ace ‘What’s the trouble with returning home’

“I slept very well.”

The Korean baseball team, led by coach Lee Kang-cheol, returned home on the 1st by dividing into four flights. Originally, on the morning of the 1st, all members except Kim Ha-seong (San Diego Padres) were scheduled to step on the Incheon Airport arrivals hall카지노. However, as one of the two national team planes from Tucson to LA was canceled due to a gas defect, some members moved to LA via land and boarded a plane to Incheon later than scheduled.

Eui-ri Lee (KIA) is a lucky case. This is because he is one of the members who arrived at Incheon Airport via LA as scheduled. The flight back from LA to Incheon takes about 2 hours longer than the flight from Incheon to LA. Even so, Lee Eui-ri did not show signs of being tired.

Eui-ri Lee smiled and said, “The flight time went well, so I wasn’t tired. He slept for 9 hours. I slept so well. It was really good. The local weather ‘came and fro’, but it was fine.” Because he is the youngest member of the national team, he does not show signs of being tired. However, he explained that he slept really well.

It is a meaningful winter for Lee Eui-ri. Last January, I had personal training with Lee Jung-hoo (Kiwoom) in LA. “I just exercised as if I was preparing for an exam. After Jung, his older brother became the captain of the team, and I was able to see a better side of him as a person. He said several things.”

There is no problem in adapting to the WBC official ball. Condition control is the most important thing until the first WBC match. Lee Eui-ri said, “There are times when the official ball suddenly slips once in a while, but other than that, it’s okay. I am going to Japan soon after passing through Korea, and I always look forward to the national team. I am very worried about the national team. There is pressure about sexuality. The condition of the pitchers will improve. You have to try to get better.”

Eui-ri Lee has the uniqueness of being a fast-paced lefty. He has relatively ups and downs in his control, but when he gets the zero point, he shows untouchable-class power. KIA coach Kim Jong-guk said, “I think Loyalty will go to China or the Czech Republic, but you have to play international competitions to know. He said, “I hope he does well and comes back.”

Lee Eui-ri got a feel for pitching while playing catch in Tucson. Lee Eui-ri said, “I think I got a lot of sense while playing catch on the last day. He seems to have been caught a lot in terms of feeling. He thinks he will have to go to Gocheok and try again this time. Taking care of your body is the most important thing.”

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