Oh Seung-hwan, a successful selection with hopes, right after his debut, the blitz of the 2nd army, what the hell happened to Samsung?

Samsung pitcher Oh Seung-hwan (41) was excluded from the first-team entry after making his first start in a historic debut.

Oh Seung-hwan was notified of his 2nd division after the Kiwoom match held at Lions Park in Daegu on the 3rd.

The sudden news토토사이트 that came right after the successful start. It may seem somewhat unusual, but it is a pre-arranged and scheduled procedure.

After putting down the finishing position for a while, the coaching staff looked for various ways to bring Oh Seung-hwan back to perfection.

One of them was to get out of the first group for a while and have time to adjust. It was not an easy choice. There was the symbolism of great pitcher Oh Seung-hwan and several parts that needed traffic control. Internally, opinions were slightly divided.

In the midst of this, there was a surprise starting pitching proposal based on the experience of pitching coach Jung Hyeon-wook.

At that time, there was an empty game in which a provisional selection had to be made. The player accepted and prepared for the start. This is the reason Oh Seung-hwan was not in the bullpen throughout last weekend’s three-game series against KT, which was a one-point game on thin ice.

Oh Seung-hwan’s first starting pitching in his debut became a reality in the 3-day Kiwoom match amidst a big topic. Oh Seung-hwan fulfilled his responsibility as a starter by throwing 73 pitches (52 strikes) far beyond the scheduled 60 pitches in 5 innings.

Climbing is impossible for a few days anyway. The highest number of pitches since debut, far exceeding the previous record of most pitches in one game (59 pitches). As he digested two to three times as much as when he was playing in the bullpen, a break is inevitable for the time being. As he suddenly threw a lot of balls with all his might in the game, he should closely check for any abnormalities in his body over the next few days.

Immediately after starting, Oh Seung-hwan also calmly accepted it, saying, “I missed it because I have to rest for 3-4 days anyway,” and “I coordinated it in advance. I have to do better.”

Oh Seung-hwan’s starting game was a one-off. A process to restore balance and pitch by throwing longer than usual. It is not that the starting pitching is scheduled after 10 days. After his return, he will return to his main job, the bullpen.

To this end, Oh Seung-hwan will not accompany the 1st team and go down to the 2nd team to prepare for a perfect resurrection and final return through training after a break.

Seung-hwan Oh allowed 3 runs in 5 innings, 5 hits, 4 walks, 6 strikeouts, in his debut match that day.

He conceded runs in the first and second innings on an unfamiliar starting mound, but with a revived pitch and aggressive pitching, he hit 10 consecutive batters from two outs in the second inning to the fifth inning. He struck out 6 times with a fast ball with a maximum speed of 149 km and a curveball that fell sharply. He found hope for his return to finish, saying, “Compared to the bad times, I still felt empowered.”

Oh Seung-hwan said after the game, “It’s important for the team to win, but I’m sorry that I lost a run from the first inning. I threw it while concentrating on one inning and one batter.” He thought of the team victory first as much as he did. He showed extraordinary responsibility, saying, “I talked to the pitching coach to go one more inning because there were not many balls in the 4th inning, and I went up to the 5th inning.”

To the home fans who visited Rapak with 13,394 people to watch Oh Seung-hwan’s selection game even on a weekday, he said, “I am grateful that the fans came to support me for taking a difficult time. It would have been better if we had won, but that part is regrettable. I will try my best to show you.”

Based on the selection experience of this day, which may be the first and the last, Oh plans to return to the good times. Ten days away from his position will be a time of one step retreat for two steps forward.

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