‘One Club Man’ Choi Chul-soon’s sense of responsibility, “I should have set an example…”

“I think the players’ responsibility for Jeonbuk’s faltering is a little bigger. That’s why the players couldn’t concentrate. it’s a shame.” Jeonbuk Hyundai’s ‘one club man’ Choi Chul-soon’s sense of responsibility was extraordinary.

Jeonbuk Hyundai drew 1-1 with FC Seoul in the 11th round of the Hana 1 Q K League 1 2023 held at the Seoul World Cup Stadium at 2:00 pm on the 5th. Although they failed to win, they showed fighting spirit in the absence of key players such as Cho Kyu-seong, Kim Jin-soo, Hong Jeong-ho, and Kim Moon-hwan, leaving hope for a reversal.

This match 토스카지노was the first match after manager Kim Sang-shik voluntarily resigned. As manager Kim Sang-sik left the team, Jeonbuk fans started cheering again. Even at a glance on this day, many Jeonbuk away fans were seated in the south of Sangam, and they sang a cheering song loudly before the start of the game to energize the players.

Gustavo reciprocated the fans’ support. The goal was scored 11 seconds into the game. Gustavo, who intercepted the opponent’s mistake, penetrated quickly and attempted a sharp shot, splitting Seoul’s net. It was a tie record in the shortest time in K-League history. On May 23, 2007, it was equal to the record of 11 seconds recorded by Bang Seung-hwan of Incheon in the match against Incheon and Pohang.

However, the overall game was dominated by Seoul. The share is 71 to 29. Seoul, which has the strongest offensive power in the league this season, has consistently hit Jeonbuk’s goal with the ball. Eventually, in the 32nd minute of the second half, substitute Park Dong-jin received Na Sang-ho’s cross and scored the equalizer with a running header.

Even after conceding points, Jeonbuk was busy blocking Seoul’s offensive. However, at the end of the fight and showing off your mental strength, the game ended in a draw without any additional points, continuing the record against Seoul.

Choi Cheol-soon, who has been a starter for the first time in a long time, played a big role in blocking Seoul’s attack with one run. He showed the dignity of a veteran, not giving a big threat to the opponent’s left clinical consultation and Willian.

After the game, Cheol-soon Choi said, “I don’t think the game was good. In this atmosphere, the players put a lot of effort into doing something, but nothing seems to be really easy as the ball is round.”

Except for his military service, Choi Chul-soon, who only played in Jeonbuk, had a different sense of responsibility. After joining Choi Chul-soon, he expressed his apologies to fans and juniors as he felt that he could not play a role in a situation where the team was shaken the most.

Choi Chul-soon said, “I think the players’ responsibility for Jeonbuk’s faltering is a little bigger. That’s why I think the players couldn’t gather in one place and couldn’t concentrate. Jeonbuk has always been a competitive team, but I don’t think they helped much in terms of competitiveness. As a player, I should have shown a lot of behaviors that set an example for younger players, but that is also very regrettable. Also, I think we should make efforts so that all senior players can be recognized as models for the team.”

-The game seems to have worked out well from the first goal in 11 seconds, but it seems to be very regrettable. I do

n’t think the game was good. It seems that nothing is easy.

– When did you know that director Kim Sang-sik quit?

He knew it through a meeting before the article came up. Since it was the day before the game, there were so many players with mixed feelings, so I think I had a lot of thoughts on how to set the mood and prepare for the game.

-Anyway, since you’re almost the best, you must have a lot to say, but I’m curious about what you said to the players and what you’re thinking as one of the players who loves Jeonbuk the most

. Instead, he said what kind of football we will give to the fans in the future, and that we should play football that makes them follow winning, not chasing after winning. Fans cheered us on a lot today, but this score leaves a lot to be desired. Since the league isn’t over yet, I think players should play football that can continue to send the message ‘Jeonbuk will play football like this’ to the fans. I feel regretful because soccer with such a message hasn’t come out yet, and I don’t know what kind of preparation I will prepare for when I go back, but I think I need to try to play soccer like Jeonbuk so that I can always play soccer with my own personality with motivation on the playground from the player’s point of view.

– What kind of football will you play with the new manager?

First of all, I heard that a coach has not been decided yet. If a new coach comes, I hope that a coach who can play soccer that we can win or that we won’t lose will come. I think I have to play soccer according to what the coach wants and pursues.

-Lee Dong-guk, who attended the Hall of Fame, said, “I think we are in a crisis like this because small things are piling up” to a question related to Jeonbuk at the site

. It seems that the players are a little more responsible for being shaken. I think that’s why the players couldn’t gather in one place and couldn’t concentrate. Jeonbuk has always been a competitive team, but I don’t think they have helped much in terms of competitiveness. As a senior player, I should have shown a lot of behaviors that set a good example for younger players, but that is also very regrettable. Also, I think we need to make an effort so that all senior players can set an example for the team and be recognized.

– Acting Kim Doo-hyun said that he still “saw a glimmer of hope” in terms of mental strength, but is there room for a rebound?

I always thought of rebounding, and even if I scored easily, I thought it was not easy because I couldn’t play soccer to the end. I think I will have to work hard to score more goals in the future. A lot of fans came today, and I think I have to show a performance that can satisfy them.

-This season seems to be the first time you have shown an underdog style of football. How do you think this can be improved?

It seems difficult to make improvements alone, and all players must gather together and say, “We have to go this way.” First of all, since we can’t continue to be number one for the rest of our lives, I think we have to quickly accept this position and prepare for what kind of image we will show by tearing apart and fixing everything from the mental side.

– What are you talking about with the players?

I don’t know about the other players, but they constantly say that, and on the field, they think you’re the main character, and no player leaves with the thought of losing. I think you should.

-I think it was the first time this season that Jeonbuk fans sang a cheering song before the start of today’s game. First of

all, it was difficult to experience that kind of experience, but listening to the cheering song gave me a lot of strength. I think we have to make an effort so that you can continue to support us.

-The image of ‘Dak-Gong’ has been around for a long time, so I think there’s

a lot of pressure to do it. I think a lot about that from the perspective of helping.

– It seems that foreign players scored few goals this season, but do foreign players feel the pressure?

Foreign players are feeling a lot of pressure, and they are making a lot of effort to help comfortably, but since they have their own careers, I think I have to overcome them well.

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