One man’s choice… Is it Kim Jae-yeol, the pitcher who will replace Anderson on Saturday? Are you upset? Are you Yushin Kim?

Recently, the Kia Tigers have a headache because of the mercenary pitcher. Both Anderson and Madina are not cool. Expectations are lower than rookie Yoon Young-chul. Given this situation, coach Kim Jong-guk pushed ahead with the risk of dropping Anderson to the Futures. Making the first pick is a big risk for the team.메이저사이트

But it is not a long period. It is temporary. Shaun Anderson, who went down to the Futures, only skipped the rotation once. From then on, he returns straight to the first-team stage and throws as a starter. Anderson’s turn is this Saturday (June 3), assuming the game is not postponed due to rain.

Coach Kim Jong-kook also has Kim Yoo-shin in mind as an alternate starter. (yunhap news)

And the players who will be replaced in this turn are the players who came up from the Futures this time. Currently, Kia has called up Hwang Dong-ha and Kim Jae-yeol to the first team. Director Kim Jong-guk revealed that Hwang Dong-ha, Kim Jae-yeol, and Kim Yu-shin were candidates to replace Anderson.

Kim Jae-yeol is recording an average ERA of 2.68 in 37 innings and 40K in 7 Futures games this season.

He is currently regarded as one of the best pitchers in the Futures. Hwang Dong-ha is a right-handed orthodox pitcher in his second year of high school and was nominated in the 7th round of the 2022 rookie draft. He has a 3.10 earned run average in 40.2 innings this season. Above all, he has been evaluated as being extremely fast in the mid-to-late 140km range.

Kim Yu-shin allowed 1 home run in 3 innings against LG last time, but he showed stable pitching.

Will Anderson be able to regain the dignity of the first starter? (Yonhap News)

Of course, it is temporary. But for them, it is an invaluable opportunity.

In order to continue to be given opportunities in the future, you must seize this opportunity tightly. Indeed, who will fill Anderson’s void? Perhaps tomorrow the results will be out.

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