Ongo Ji-sin

In 2016, AlphaGo surpassed human skills. Since 2018, artificial intelligence Go programs have entered home computers, and people have begun to study the numbers AI tells them. The era of everyone listening to the lecture of Ilta has opened. Corona spread to the world in 2020. Traveling to and from other countries has never been easier. The landscape of the finals of the World Championships has changed. The players gathered as an online head coach. If you don’t click the mouse in time, you lose time. Shin Jin-seo raised the win rate of 88.3%. After 32 years, he surpassed Lee Chang-ho’s record. There is a saying that there is a ‘new artificial intelligence’ between humans and artificial intelligence. Lee Chang-ho won 5 consecutive victories at the Nongshim Shin Ramen Cup in 2005, and Korea won 6 consecutive victories. I recorded 30 consecut온라인카지노ive wins in this one tournament alone.Shin Jin-seo, who showed 5 consecutive wins in the second finish in 2021, led Korea to win 4 consecutive wins in 2021. In the Chinese media, Shin Jin-seo played Baduk and wrote ‘Ongoi Ji-sin’. He settled for Black ▲. <Painting> just live. In practice, it was necessary to block the number of attacks on white, so it was placed on black 37, and white made a hand in the gap. The loss was a decisive blow as Black had already guessed. After this, when Black defeated the hand, White took the stone. There is no Lee Chang-ho Record Museum that he won 5 times in a row while competing in the finals for 5 years. Shin Jin-seo wrote his first history of winning 5 consecutive championships at GS Caltex. In 2023, he ran with 36 consecutive wins in the KB Kookmin Bank Go League alone, surpassing Lee Chang-ho’s 30 consecutive wins.

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