Lee Seon-hee (67), an undefeated left-handed pitcher in the game against Japan during his active career, transforms into a high school coach. The team he will be nesting in is Gyeongju High School. For him, it is the first time in his 55 years of baseball career.

Coach Lee Seon-hee has been teaching players as a pitching instructor at Yeungnam University for the past eight years. On weekends, he has also donated his talents to young baseball players in nearby cities.

Even at the age of 67, he took on the position of director of Gyeongju High School because he has a sense of calling.

He has worked with amateur players for a long time, so he knows the pros and cons of student baseball. He also knows what children need and what they lack, so he intends to pour his remaining passion and ability into it. He is determined to do his best not only in nurturing players, but also in nurturing leaders.

Coach Lee Seon-hee’s trademark is ‘invincibility’ in the confrontation with Japan, and he has never lost in more than 10 matches on the international stage.

In the 1970s, Korean baseball was an era when it was taken for granted that “you can’t beat Japan,” the old enemy. The person who changed this perception was manager Lee Seon-hee. The change from “You can never win against Japan” to “You can only know if you have to do it” coincides with the appearance of great pitcher Lee Seon-hee. In other words, he is the progenitor of the lineage of left-handers in Korean baseball, leading to Koo Dae-seong, Bong Joong-geun, and Kim Gwang-hyun, and the original Japanese killer.

Even when he was asked to take up the coaching position at his alma mater, Gyeongbuk High School, from several years ago, he refused, saying, “I feel rewarding and happy in teaching the players rather than clinging to the position.”

But this time, he made a big decision. He accepted the position of head coach at Gyeongju High School with the thought that he would like to pass on something to his junior baseball (university, high school) leaders and leave. It was the first time he had written a resume and the first time he had been interviewed.

Manager Lee Seon-hee said, “Maybe the training of leaders in the baseball world is not going well.” “In recent years, I have felt that the short lifespan of young coaches, the surrounding environment, and the poor education and system necessary for growth as a leader. It was because I wanted to make a good foundation and go there,” he said, revealing the background of accepting the first managerial position in baseball life. 메이저놀이터

On the other hand, former Samsung coach Kim Yong-dal, who played together at MBC Blue Dragon, said, “I expect Lee Seon-hee, who belongs to an old baseball team, to teach us something that ordinary coaches cannot show.”

Former coach Kim said, “How much joy and happiness I was able to taste with the appearance of a great pitcher named Lee Seon-hee in an era when it was considered impossible to beat Japanese baseball. The player played that role. I think it’s right to make sure that his baseball life can also be well captured.”