“Panoni, throw at least once and finish the first half… ” KIA Smile Guy ‘Temporary Bullpen Experience’

 “I think it would be better for Panoni to throw at least once and finish the first half.”

When the Samsung game in Gwangju on the 11th was canceled due to monsoon rain, the KIA decided to put forward Thomas Panoni, who was scheduled to start on the 11th, on the 12th. Instead, Yoon Young-chul, who was scheduled to start on the 12th, decided to wait in the bullpen for the 12th and 13th and make relief mounds depending on the situation. The last game of the first half on the 13th is in charge of Ace Yang Hyeon-jong.온라인카지노

Head coach Kim Jong-guk said, ahead of the Gwangju Samsung game on the 12th, “Panoni should take over the first and second starts in the second half. I think it would be better for him to pitch at least once in the first half and finish.” Since he is a known player in the KBO League anyway, he judges that it would be better to continue his senses and prepare for the second half by making at least one more actual game rather than hiding it.

Panoni was the de facto ace in the second half of last year. He cooked batters with a fastball in the early 140km range and various breaking balls. He is a typical finesse pitcher who pitches with a cross step. Coach Kim Jong-guk expects the two foreign pitchers, Panoni and Mario Sanchez, to play only six innings per game in the second half.

Manager Kim Jong-guk said, “He is a stable pitcher. He is a good pitcher who has a knack for solving the game. While playing in the minor leagues this year, he received reports that he was better than last year.” Eventually, the starting lineup for the second half will be reorganized into Yang Hyeon-jong, Sanchez, Panoni, Lee Eui-ri, and Yoon Young-cheol.

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