“Power weakening? We have to deal with long and short ones”… Hanyu Island’s strong confidence

“You have to look at the long and short ones.” Han Yu-seom

(SSG Landers) took on the role of captain once again. Hanyu Island, which faithfully played the role of captain last season, became the captain who recorded the first ‘Wire to Wire’ championship in the KBO League and the first ‘integrated championship’ in the SSG establishment.

Hanyu Island, which was included in the list of spring camps held in Florida, USA, departed for the United States through Incheon International Airport on the 30th. Hanyu Island, who met with reporters before leaving the country, said, “I’m nervous. I couldn’t sleep for two days. Time seems to go too fast. I think I have to go to field training already, 스포츠토토 so time flies.”

There was persuasion from director Kim Won-hyung to reappoint the captain of Hanyu Island. Hanyu Island laughed and joked that it was “half-forced” about making the claim again. He continued, “The director gave notice, not notice. At first, I refused, but the director asked me to do it again.”

“Looking back, I don’t think it was that difficult, but it doesn’t seem to be that comfortable. There are a lot of things to worry about, and it’s also a style where my nerves are on edge,” he said. I was stressed because I was trying to do well in the middle. The players helped me so well with other things. I want to say that I would like to ask you well this year too.”

Hanyusum suffered a hamstring injury while playing base in Game 6 of the Korean Series against Kiwoom Heroes last November.

Regarding the condition of the injury, Hanyusum said, “I have fully recovered. I think the most important thing is to improve my condition. I did not run 100% because the weather was cold. I jumped 7-80%. I plan to move to the US and increase the intensity. He said, “I don’t think there should be a recurrence of the injury. The most important thing is to recover your legs step by step. The weather and training conditions of the spring camp are good for the technical part. I think it will be okay if I do what I am doing.”

Then, regarding the championship, “I want to do it again. People say that this year’s power will not be lower than last year, but last year no one thought that we would do a ‘wire to wire’. You have to deal with long and short ones,” he said. I prepared well. I also came to the baseball field to build my body, and a lot of players came out and worked hard. I will work hard on my own when I go to field training. I hope you prepare well and have a good season.”

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