‘Prepared Wings’ Korean Air Jeong Han-yong’s potential and confidence

In the 2021-2022 season, Jung Han-yong challenged the pros with an early draft in his second year of college. He wore a Korean Air uniform with 3rd place in the first round, but it was not easy to show himself on his court.

National team outside hitters Jung Ji-seok and Kwak Seung-seok were firmly guarding the left wing of the team. In his debut season, he played in 26 sets of 10 matches and left a record of 29 points and a success rate of 38.18%.

And in the second year of his debut, his presence is gradually revealed. In the 2022 Suncheon KOVO Cup, he started as an outside heater in all games and led the team to victory. And in the season, he entered the one-point server and played the role of a game changer that changed the atmosphere with a serve that was evaluated as a strength.

How long can you not only show your role as a game changer? Through the club’s social media content, Korean Air coach Choi Busik said, “It’s good to finish the season as the best member of the starting lineup, but physical ups and downs are bound to come. In the middle of the season, there will come a time when Jeong Han-yong can be an opportunity. He expressed his anticipation, saying, “I hope that when the opportunity comes, he will grab it.”

As coach Choi said, Jeong Han-yong seized the opportunity that came to him.

He showed his role as a housekeeper by replacing Jung Ji-seok in the OK Financial Group match in the last 3 rounds. He entered the match from the second set, but scored 9 points, including 1 block, and had an attack success rate of 57.14%. In addition, he received 22 target hits, the most on the team, but did not miss a single one, and delivered 8 accurately to the setter.

Although the result of the game was lost that day, the possibility of an outside heater was sufficient.

Jung Han-yong recalled the game at the time and said, “It was a great opportunity for me. He kept looking for an opportunity behind him, and I think that was the day. Also, personally, my performance worked out well. Even though I lost the match, I personally liked it.” 스포츠토토

While waiting for an opportunity to come back, Jung Han-yong started as the main player in the chaser match against Hyundai Capital held at Gyeyang Gymnasium in Incheon on the 7th. In the chaser match, he played a big role in the air defense and once again showed his potential without fail.

Jeong Han-yong said, “I always prepare hard behind the scenes. He can’t get in much during the season, but it’s good to be able to raise his senses through a game like this.”

Although it was not a real match, it was a great experience for the player just to have fans in the stadium and in the stands. Jeong Han-yong also said, “I have to adapt to show the game in front of the fans. Through the chaser match, you can gain practical experience and improve your performance.”

Opportunities come to those who are prepared. Jeong Han-yong sweats again to seize the opportunity to come. “I will prepare hard behind the scenes so that I can always be of help to the team, whether as a one-point server or as a striker.”

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