Seoul team to play Suwon-Incheon? 0% realistic, will citizens be convinced… Best alternative is to use a general sports center

The plans for the Jamsil Dome have finally been revealed.

It’s the moment the baseball world has been waiting for, but for the LG Twins and Doosan Bears, two families with a single roof, it’s a shot in the foot. According to the Seoul Metropolitan Government’s plan, they will have to play in an alternative stadium starting in the 2026 season. The Gocheok Sky Dome, home to the Kiwoom Heroes, and Mokdong Stadium, which hosts amateur games, are being considered as alternatives. In addition, temporary joint use of Suwon’s Katie Weeds Park and SSG Landers Field have also been discussed.스포츠토토

The problem is that all of these venues are in poor condition.

The Gocheok Sky Dome is a stadium that Kiwoom leases from the Seoul Facilities Management Corporation. On days when Kiwoom is not playing home games, it hosts various large indoor events, concerts, etc. It is unclear if the team will be able to be added as the number of operating days per year is tight and it is not easy to schedule a rental. It will also be important to see if the Seoul Facilities Management Corporation, which relies heavily on rental revenue, will accept it.

Mokdong Stadium is being utilized as a venue for amateur tournaments, which disappeared when Dongdaemun Baseball Stadium was demolished ahead of the construction of Gocheok Sky Dome. If a professional team moves in here, there will be a shortage of space for student baseball players to play. There are stadiums in Guui, Sinwol, Gongneung, and Seoul National University Park in Gwacheon, Gyeonggi-do, but they cannot meet the requirements of each level of competition. The temporary move of professional teams to Mokdong, where they have to play home games from the March exhibition games until November, may cause another controversy due to the conditions of amateur baseball.

The joint use of Suwon and Incheon is also unrealistic. Suwon is home to the KT Wiz and Incheon is home to the SSG Landers, and it’s doubtful that fans would be receptive to the idea of a shared stadium, even if they were willing to make a concession. It’s hard for fans to accept not only the long travel distances, but also the laughable situation of Seoul teams having to play their home games outside of Seoul for years. Moving teams will also have to deal with the loss of not only attendance revenue, but also marketing revenue from underutilized home stadiums. On top of that, they can’t force the existing teams outside of Seoul to accept this situation. Currently, there are two main stadiums, Incheon Asiad Main Stadium and Incheon Munhak Stadium, where only some concerts are held without professional matches, but there is bound to be some fan backlash.

In the end, the best option is to remodel and temporarily use the Jamsil Sports Complex next to Jamsil Stadium. Jamsil Stadium, which began remodeling work last month, is scheduled to be completed in December 2026. If LG and Doosan play at Jamsil Stadium until the 2026 season and then utilize Jamsil Sports Complex for the 2027 season, it is expected that the management and fan interests of the two clubs will be resolved. The Seoul Metropolitan Government has expressed reluctance to hold home games at the stadium for safety reasons, as the entire stadium site is under construction and large-scale movement is inevitable. However, this can be offset by managing traffic using the subway exits that are open on the site.

The use of baseball fields in general sports complexes can be carried out without much difficulty, even if you look at the example of London Stadium, where Major League Baseball World Tour games were held. In particular, it is still worth discussing that it is possible to efficiently utilize a sports field that is inevitably ‘vacant’ during the construction of the surrounding site.

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