Sisters are back, ‘original queen’ Lim Jeong-sook and Kim Gap-seon face-to-face in the semifinals

The ‘original queens’ who splendidly decorated the first year of the Women’s Professional Billiards (LPBA) tour met on the way to the finals. Tour ‘No. 1 champion’ Kim Gap-seon (46) and the first ‘multi-win champion’ Lim Jeong-suk (37). The stage is the 4:30 p.m. on the 22nd at the LPBA Tour Wellbang Championship semi-final table held at the Bitmaru Broadcasting Center in Goyang, Gyeonggi Province. In the quarterfinals, which ended on the 21st at the same place, the two defeated Hyunji Yong and Jina Kim 3-1, respectively, and joined the semifinals.

Kim Gap-sun is the main character who won 3-2 after a close match against Kim Se-yeon in the Panasonic Open final (5 matches, 3 wins), the first tournament of the first season of the LPBA tour in June 2019, and became the first champion of the first year. After splitting two sets amicably, Kim Gap-seon hit a come-from-behind blow to sweep 9 points at once with a bank shot in the second inning, when he was trailing 0-3, in the 5th set, and was named the first champion. 먹튀검증

In the 5th competition, the Mediheal Championship, she reached the second final and gave the championship cup to Lee Mi-rae, but Kim Gap-seon was pushed out of the top 10 only once in 7 competitions, including one championship and runner-up in the first season, LPBA ‘ She lived up to the name of the ‘original queen’.

In the second season, Lee Mi-rae, Kim Se-yeon and others gave way to the performance of “young blood”. I reached the semifinals for the second time and knocked the second peak in my life.

If Kim Gap-seon opened the door to the first year of LPBA, Lim Jeong-suk is the main character who decorated the first season’s ‘final’ by climbing to the top in the last 7th round, the Wellbang Championship. She swept three tournaments, including her 2nd and 3rd consecutive victories, handing over the trophy to Kim Gap-seon, and she stood tall as the ‘LPBA Queen’.

In the second tournament of the following season, the TS Shampoo Championship, Lim Jung-suk lost to Kim Se-yeon 2-3, and the ‘final undefeated’ with a win rate of 100 was cracked. However, he declared ‘resurrection’ by reporting his 4th win in 768 days in this competition, the 7th competition last season, followed by the Hana Card Championship in July and the semifinals and finals in the Huons competition in September, respectively. have been trying to win This is the ninth time Lim Jung-suk has advanced to the semifinals.

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