Successfully returned to Korea after overcoming injury… ‘Pepper’ Shin Yu-bin flaps her wings

Shin Yu-bin, who shook off her injury and did well in last year’s international competition, announced a successful return to the domestic stage.

Although she is not yet in perfect shape스포츠토토, she is looking forward to Shin Yubin’s performance this year.

This is reporter Jo Han-dae.


Shin Yu-bin, who overcame her wrist injury and competed in a domestic competition in a year and a half, started with a match against her one-year-old sister, Kim Na-young, who is called ‘the second Shin Yu-bin’, and made her professional debut in Korea. 2 wins.

Due to her injury, she was unable to compete in her first season in the Korean Professional Table Tennis League, which opened last year, but she lived up to her name in the belated league inaugural ceremony.

After sustaining a stress fracture in her wrist, Yubin Shin overcame her surgery and rehabilitation. She gradually improved her skills from the second half of last year, winning two gold medals at the Contenders in Slovenia last November.

She and she qualified last month in Durban in all events before the women’s doubles, mixed doubles and individual events at the Asian Regional Qualifiers for the World Championships.

But, as the pink tape around her right wrist suggests, she’s not quite in her prime yet.

<Field Reporter> “That taping on the right hand seems to indicate some traces of injury. (That’s right. It’s like that, and sometimes it’s for protection.)”

Shin Yu-bin, ‘Pepper’ who has just turned 19, overcame her injury with mental strength and gained self-confidence by successfully returning to Korea.

<Shin Yubin / Korean Air> “Now that my wrist injury has healed a lot, I will work hard to show you better games in the future, so please support me as much as you do now.”

From table tennis prodigy, Shin Yu-bin, who grew up as a hope for Korean women’s table tennis, has returned stronger after her injury, so attention is focused on how she will perform this year.

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