The player who caught my eye in the WBC national team roster announced yesterday is catcher Lee Ji-young.

Reporter Lee Myung-no listened to Lee Ji-young’s simple feelings when she first wore the Taegeuk mark in her late 30s.

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Lee Kang-cheol’s choice was Lee Ji-young, not Park Dong-won or Yoo Kang-nam.

[Lee Kang-cheol / WBC national team coach]
“(Lee Ji-young) is a bit old, but moves well and has grown a lot, but basically works hard and diligently…”

Lee Ji-young, who thought she was on the preliminary list when she heard the news.

He didn’t even expect to wear the Taegeuk mark for the first time at the age of thirty-seven.

[Lee Ji-young / WBC national team]
“(The family) said that they had suffered a lot and congratulated them. (The national team) had never thought about it before, so I just looked at it from a distance…” I

won three championships at Samsung, but This first Taegeuk mark feels like a medal earned after 14 years of professional life.

[Lee Ji-young / WBC national team]
“I won the championship… Before I retired, my only two goals were to represent the national team and win the Golden Glove… It feels really good to achieve one.”메이저놀이터

In 2019, 1.8 billion won in 3 years was not as flashy as the day of his first free agency contract, but he was gradually recognized for his unique sincerity, and now he has surpassed even the catchers with a ransom of ‘billion’.

[Lee Ji-young / WBC national team]
“As I got older, my field of view broadened, and (others) thought that I had improved a little… ‘Has baseball improved?’ I did think about it.”

Lee Ji-young, who has already made up her mind with Yang Eui-ji.

I am excited at the thought of attacking Ohtani with the pitchers.

[Lee Ji-young / WBC national team]
“Yang Eui-ji said, ‘If I play 5 times, my brother should play 4 times’ (I said…) Ohtani is of course good at pitching, but he also hits the bat really well. there is.”

Lee Ji-young, who was selected as the best in the first national team.

Like the Qatar World Cup round of 16, I want to recreate the glory at the WBC.

[Lee Ji-young / WBC national team]
“As the best player, I will try to show the spirit of Koreans together with the players so that I can help the national team.