‘Tatis Jr. Unconventional No. 1 card’ SD completes the top line of fear

The world’s best, feared top lineup.

Ha-sung Kim’s team, the San Diego Padres. Fernando Tatis Jr. pulls out a leadoff card. The best hitter in history is expected to harass the opponent’s mound.

San Diego has attracted all its star 토토사이트players with huge investments. Last year, they brought in Juan Soto, and ahead of this season, they also signed Zander Bogatz as a free agent. He has agreed to a contract extension with slugger Manny Machado.

Here, Tatis Jr., who was disciplined for drug problems, returns. Tatis Jr., who was suspended for 80 games, can return on April 21st. Prior to that, he was active in the minor leagues for 15 days and raised his sense of actual play.

San Diego manager Bob Melvin plans to place Tatis Jr. in the first batting order when he returns. Bogarts comes and shifts the defensive position to right field instead of shortstop. San Diego is expected to have sluggers from Tatis Jr., Soto, Machado, and Bogarts lined up from the first.

Coach Melvin said, “If Tatis Jr. is at number 1, it will have a huge impact. Tatis Jr. can play in the center, and he can also play on the base. It will confuse the opposing pitcher. “Because I know I have to fight,” he said.

Tatis Jr. had shoulder and wrist surgery during his suspension. Manager Melvin revealed that if his body wasn’t in full swing, he wouldn’t have even thought of the number one card. He emphasized that there is no problem in both base running and defense. “Once Tatis Jr. is on base, I want to see what kind of running base he’ll play. He’s got a very strong arm. I don’t know how many runners he’ll catch over the course of the season,” Melvin said. In fact, Tatis Jr. made a strong impression by making a strong throw all the way to third base in an exhibition game against the Seattle Mariners. It is said that Seattle legend Ichiro Suzuki, who was watching this scene, gave a thumbs up to director Melvin.

Tatis Jr. also expressed confidence, saying, “I’m ready. Even if tomorrow was the opening day, I would have said I was ready.”

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