“Thanks to Kimi, I can throw it comfortably” Confession of SD finisher Hader 

San Diego Padres closer Josh Hader (29), who participated in All-Star Media Day on the 11th (Korean time), replied with a bright smile when Kim Ha-sung’s name came out.

Just by looking at that smile, I could tell that Kim Ha-seong is a player loved by the team. Hader expressed his affection for Ha-sung Kim, saying, “He is one of the people I like the most.”

San Diego manager Bob Melvin described Ha-sung Kim as the “engine of the team.” It means he is a player who brings energy to the team.

Hader agreed. “Look at what he does on the field. he works really hard Whatever he does, he puts in every effort. He couldn’t ask for more from his teammates.”

The most outstanding part of Kim Ha-seong is his defense. According to ‘Baseball Savant’, he recorded +11 in OAA (Out Above Average), an indicator of defensive ability, and is showing the best form in the league along with Wander Franco (Tampa Bay).

Hader is currently one of the best closers in the league. He pitched 33 1/3 innings in 35 games in the first half, posting an earned run average of 1.08. He recorded 21 saves out of 24 save opportunities.

He strikes out more than judo. He’s giving up 5.1 walks per nine innings, while striking out 13.5 at the same time.

He might not need much help from the defense to strike out a lot, but he shook his head. “It makes me feel really comfortable,” he said, stressing that having a solid defense helps a lot.

“You can tell by looking at Ha-sung Kim’s plays in recent games. He showed how to handle difficult short bound balls without problems. It was a beautiful play,” he said, referring to Kim Ha-sung’s recent performances.온라인카지노

“As a pitcher, he doesn’t see the need to be perfect. He has to trust the defense and throw. My job is getting easier as a fielder like Kim Ha-seong covers the ground and shows good plays. He doesn’t need to strike out in every game,” said Kim Ha-seong’s defense, which is of great help to him.

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