The 9th hitter with guts is 2nd in batting average… Hwang Borghini goes beyond its limits today as well.

The Lotte Giants are staying at 2 wins and 4 losses in the first 6 games of the opening season. Both pitchers are in a sluggish situation, but they are not without hopeful elements. 

On the 9th, he won his second win of the season against Sajik KT, 토토사이트and all starters scored hits, and the sluggish key players also raised the sense of hitting. And the player who currently leads Lotte’s batting line is Hwang Seong-bin (26), “Hwangborghini,” who mainly played as the ninth hitter. 

Hwang Seong-bin has a batting average of .429 (6 hits in 14 at-bats), 1 RBI, 3 runs, an on-base percentage of .529, and an OPS of .958. Since it is at the very beginning of the season, it is not easy to determine the meaning and discrimination of grades, but it is a point that confirms that the early pace is good. He currently ranks second in both batting average and on-base percentage.

Seongbin Hwang started this season as the starting left fielder and hitter number 9. Together with newly joined Ahn Kwon-soo, he took on the role of a new concept table setter that connects the top and bottom batting lines from No. 9 to No. 1. As Hwang Seong-bin took the ninth position, there were many evaluations that the Lotte batting line became more structured. However, the advantage was not maximized in a situation where the hitting feeling of all hitters had not yet risen.

Nevertheless, Seongbin Hwang shows off his value every day. With his quick feet and bunt ability, he tired the opponent’s battery and infield without resting every at-bat, and Hwang Seong-bin did not miss the gap. Hwang Seong-bin entered the plate with an advantage and connected it to the result. 

In the match against Sajik KT on the 9th, he contributed to the team’s 5-3 victory by pulling out a timely hit to the left at the end of the 7th inning, where the score was tight 0-0. He was the protagonist of the final blow. He was in the 1st and 3rd base situation, but he was a KT infielder who was conscious of Hwang Seong-bin and shifted defensively in preparation for bunts. With the widened 3-gap space, Hwang Seong-bin was not greedy and pushed and connected it with a timely hit. It was a blow of guts that led to a reversal of the atmosphere. 

Hwang Seong-bin’s grit even plays the role of an atmosphere maker. As much as that, Hwang Seong-bin is becoming tired to the enemy and indispensable to the allies. He mainly plays as the number 9 hitter, but he is also good as the number 1 hitter. 

Seongbin Hwang said, “I don’t like it when others set my limits.” After returning from active military service last year, he started the season as a foster player without being able to participate in the first team spring camp, but in the end, he proudly established himself as a regular member of the first team. He achieved the club’s highest increase rate of 140% from a basic annual salary of 30 million won, marking an annual salary of 72 million won. 

Seongbin Hwang is taking the bat and taking to the ground to break his limits once again.

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