The awakened ace, Bae Joon-ho… “I’m like Kangin hyung”

Bae Jun-ho, who led the U-20 World Cup advance to the quarterfinals, is an ace who inherited the number 10 shirt from MVP Lee Kang-in of the previous tournament. Like senior Lee Kang-in four years ago, I am looking forward to advancing to the finals beyond the semifinals. 스포츠토토

The match against Ecuador in the round of 16 was a game that showed the true value of Bae Jun-ho.

In the 11th minute of the first half, he literally helped ‘Roommate’ Young-Jun Lee’s opening goal with a pass that was measured with a ruler, and 8 minutes later, he rewarded coach Kim Eun-joong’s trust in himself as he tasted the first goal of the tournament with a calm finish following his exquisite individual skills. .

[Bae Jun-ho/ U-20 soccer team striker: Coach Kim Eun-joong always believed in me and encouraged me, so I felt pressured, but I think I was able to do better.] Bae Jun-ho, one of the K-League representative young guns in Daejeon, finished runner-up in the last tournament

. He is a promising player who inherited the number 10 uniform from Lee Kang-in, who led Shinhwa and was selected as the MVP.

[‘Bae Jun-ho/ U-20 soccer team striker: Lee Kang-in the second’ rather than being one of the seniors I am proud of and respected, so I think I’m trying to learn a lot.] In the aftermath of a thigh muscle injury, the group stage is like

this He didn’t show his performance, but he wakes up at the decisive moment and instills confidence in the team.

I am determined to lead the team as high as possible beyond Nigeria, just as Lee Kang-in did four years ago.

[Bae Jun-ho/ U-20 soccer team striker: The team atmosphere is very good, and we will try to advance to the semifinals following this atmosphere.]

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