“The defense ended on May 3, expecting innocence in mid-June” Kim Yu-seong, Doosan forgiven, now only Lee Young-ha remains 

The biggest concern for Doosan Bears manager Lee Seung-yeop at the beginning of this season is the mound. The starting lineup will have a somewhat stable assortment if Dylan’s file returns in May. However, the bullpen is too dependent on Pil Seung-jo and Jeong Cheol-won at the beginning of the season. We desperately need a bullpen with a stable pitch to block one inning.

In the end, there is no choice 토토사이트but to consider a first-team call-up among Futures team pitchers. Currently, the pitcher who stands out the most in the Doosan Futures League is rookie right-hander Kim Yoo-seong. Kim Yoo-seong made two starts (9.2 innings) in the Futures League this season, recording a 1-win average ERA of 3.72, 12 strikeouts and 6 walks with a WHIP of 1.24. He is currently regarded as the most pitching pitcher within the Futures team.

Doosan Futures team coach Lee Jung-hoon said, “We should consider Kim Yu-seong’s pitching to be the best in the current Futures team. The umpire who saw the ball when Kim Yu-seong was on the mound also acknowledged the pitch. The angle at which the ball fell and the movement of the breaking ball were all good. He looked at him as a resource that would work well in the first team.”

However, due to controversy over school violence in the past, Kim Yu-seong’s debut in the first team was indefinitely undecided. The Doosan club opened the possibility of registering Kim Yoo-seong in the first team on the premise of forgiveness from the victims of school violence. And on April 21st, it was revealed that Yuseong Kim had been forgiven by the victim.

A Doosan official said, “After Kim Yu-seong joined the team, he continued to seek forgiveness from the victim. He admitted all his wrongdoing, and the victim’s side forgave him as he repented.”

Doosan coach Lee Seung-yeop also said, “I heard that there was an article about Kim Yu-seong. He received the report, and fortunately, the victim’s side forgave (Kim) Yoo-seong well, so I think he paved the way for the young player, so I feel grateful as a manager. I hope you will keep an eye on how (Kim) Yooseong will grow in the future,” he said.

Regarding the timing of Kim Yu-seong’s registration in the first team, coach Lee said, “I don’t think I’ve received any clear feedback yet. He can use it right away when he is reported to be capable enough to lead in the 1st team,” he said, “I think we need to watch the timing a little longer. I don’t know yet. Since this issue has just ended, he will be called if he is psychologically stable, goes out to the game, and shows good enough pitch to lead in the first team,” he explained.

Kim Yu-seong, who has been able to debut in the first team thanks to the forgiveness of the victim, is highly likely to step on the Jamsil mound in the near future. This is why he needs a bullpen to block innings with pitches while digesting multiple innings right away. Recently, coach Lee said, “Currently, the only pitcher who can handle multi-innings is Jeong Cheol-won.” It is an atmosphere that comes to mind as a card to relieve the excessive burden given to Jung Cheol-won.

Attention is also focused on the direction of Doosan pitcher Lee Young-ha, who is caught up in another ‘suspicion of school violence’ along with Kim Yu-seong. In the past, while at Sunrin Internet High School, Lee Young-ha, who is engaged in a court battle over suspicion of abusive behavior (indicted without detention by the prosecution on charges of special assault, coercion, and blackmail), has been through the 5th trial in related trials. The sixth trial, which will be virtually the last trial, will be held at the Seoul Western District Court on May 3.

In a phone call with MK Sports on April 21, Attorney Seon-Woong Kim (Law Firm Jiam), who is Lee Young-ha’s lawyer, said, “The date of the 6th trial for Lee Young-ha has been confirmed as May 3. In the 6th trial, it seems that the testimony of the witness requested by us will continue, and the interrogation of Lee Young-ha as the accused will continue. He plans to submit additional materials to prove his innocence. If the hearing ends on May 3, we expect a verdict of innocence around mid-June.”

Attorney Kim Seon-woong argued that logical errors continued to emerge in the prosecution’s argument during the trial. Attorney Kim said, “Considering the alibi Lee Young-ha had, logical errors such as basic dates continued to appear in the opponent’s argument. He thinks that there was also not much material that could prove it on the other side. I think the prosecution’s prosecution itself was wrong,” he emphasized.

If Lee Young-ha is acquitted within June, it may be possible to join the first team at the end of the first half. Lee Young-ha is currently digesting his personal training at the Icheon Rehabilitation Army due to shoulder pain. Due to his original trial process, his contract for the season was suspended, so he was unable to participate in official team training and field appearances. In addition to rehabilitation until May, he is likely to improve his physical condition and prepare for his return to the first team in June. Of course, the basic premise of all this is an acquittal.

If Kim Yu-seong and Lee Young-ha join the first team bullpen together, it is expected to be of great help to the Doosan bench’s season mound operation. In addition to the existing Pil Seung-jo, Hong Kun-hee, Jeong Cheol-won, and Park Chi-guk, Kim Yu-seong and Lee Young-ha will join the bullpen depth. And with the return of Dylan’s file, if Kim Dong-joo takes on the role of long relief, the structure of the mound is strengthened. Attention is focusing on whether the ideal mound picture drawn by Doosan will be drawn at the end of the first half.

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