The future with ‘Discord’ Cancellu… Pep answered directly

Pep Guardiola spoke about his future with João Cancelo .

Last winter Manchester City didn’t get much attention in the transfer market. While Chelsea invested a large amount of money and actively recruited, while Tottenham Hotspur, Liverpool, Manchester United and Arsenal reinforced their squads메이저사이트, Man City remained silent.

However, at the end of the transfer window, Man City’s name began to rise. It wasn’t because of recruitment. This is because a key player left the team. The main character was Cancelo. After the transfer in the 2019-20 season, he suddenly went on loan, having been active as a built-in main player except for one season. The destination was Bayern Munich.

Although his form has declined since the World Cup, he is still the core of the team. Now that Man City has to digest the already tight second half schedule, they sent out key players without any reinforcement. As a result, many media speculated the reason. As it turned out, it was because of a feud with manager Guardiola. Cancelo felt dissatisfied with his narrowed position and hoped that Guardiola would resolve the situation, but trouble arose in the process and he even pushed for a transfer.

So, Cancelo headed to Munich. However, suspicions of a feud between the two have not yet been resolved. Of course, both parties dismissed this. Guardiola said: “Cancelou wants to play. He is a happy player to play and in the end we decided to send him to Munich. “He opened his mouth about the rumors of discord.

Cancelo was of the same opinion. In an interview given after arriving in Munich, he said: “My lack of play over the past few weeks has played a part in my decision. My relationship with Guardiola has nothing to do with my move.”

Whether rumors of a feud are true or not, Cancelo will return to Manchester City at the end of the season. As his position in the team is reduced, many people are curious about how to use him.

Guardiola responded directly to this. According to the British media ‘Manchester Evening News’, he said: “Cancelu is now in Munich. Anything can happen after the season. We will talk to a lot of players. Maybe with all the players. “Something new could happen. If you ask about Cancelo, if you ask about me, no one will know.”

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