The ML All-Star second baseman laughed… Israel is also not easy, ‘exhilarating reverse play’

The manager, who was a major league all-star second baseman, laughed.

Israel defeated Nicaragua 3-1 in the first 메이저놀이터 game of Group D of the 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC) held at Londipor Park in Miami, Florida on the 13th (hereinafter Korean time). Israel lost its first win in the tournament, and Nicaragua lost its second consecutive match.

Israel took a thrilling come-from-behind victory, scoring 3 runs only in the bottom of the 8th inning, trailing 0-1. After one out, Alex Dickerson’s left-handed hit, Ryan Lavanway’s ball hit the body, and Spencer Howitzki’s 1 RBI hit left-handed hit balanced the balance.

Garrett Stubbs (Philadelphia Phillies) hit a double that allowed 2 RBIs in the reversal final over the height of the left fielder. Stubbs, who took the lead off, played a decisive role. In the major leagues and minor leagues, I mainly saw catchers and second basemen, but it was unusual for me to be a third baseman that day.

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