The pirate captain’s family returned to his former team, McCutchen returned to PIT “Unspeakably…”

 Pittsburgh Pirates Andrew McCutchen (37) shared his impressions of joining.

On the 21st (Korean time),, the official homepage of Major League Baseball, announced the news of McCutchen’s joining. McCutchen, who was warmly welcomed by the club, said, “No words can explain my happy heart. I am just grateful.”

This is McCutchen, who turned around and wore the Pittsburgh uniform again. McCutchen, who joined Pittsburgh with the 11th overall pick in the first round of the 2005 draft, played as a member of the Pirates until 2017. He has since continued his career with the San Francisco Giants, New York Yankees, Philadelphia Phillies and Milwaukee Brewers. And this winter, he returned to Pittsburgh for a yearly salary of $5 million. 온라인카지노

Despite the twilight years of his playing career, McCutchen wants to play for Pittsburgh for a long time. “I didn’t come here for a farewell trip,” McCutchen said. “I’m here to help Pittsburgh win. That’s the most important thing.”

The club needed players, and McCutchen wanted to return to Pittsburgh. Negotiations went smoothly. McCutchen’s wife also helped him decide where to go. The media said, “The negotiations progressed quickly as soon as they started. McCutchen’s wife, Maria, also persuaded McCutchen to contact Pittsburgh owner Bob Nutting. Then, the decision to return was made.”

Pittsburgh is made up of young players. We needed a veteran player to hold the center, and McCutchen took on that role. McCutchen recalled his rookie days and said, “I learned a lot from the veterans. It was a blessing to be able to work with them. I learned a lot on the pitch. I will do the same for my juniors.”

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