The reality and vision of Korean women’s football from the perspective of President Kyu-sang Oh

“Korean women’s soccer has potential.”

Korean women’s football has risen to the 토토사이트 highest level in Asia. Now it is challenging the world. Kyu-sang Oh (67), president of the Korea Women’s Football Federation, has promoted the growth of Korean women’s football for 14 years. It is the background that has been able to steadily move forward. It still doesn’t get a lot of attention. However, I believe in the potential of Korean women’s soccer and am working hard. Chairman Oh believes in the potential of Korean women’s soccer. He’s sure he can do better than he does now.

◆ Korean women’s football is rooted in young girls

The Korea Women’s Football Federation holds tournaments four times a year. Through the Spring Women’s Football Federation Match, the Queen’s Flag Competition, the Championships, and the Fall Women’s Football Federation Match, we prepare a place for young girls to compete. Since the youth teams are scattered all over the country, it is important to gather them together in one place. Chairman Oh Kyu-sang said, “It has been 14 years since I took charge of the Women’s Football Federation. When she started taking charge of the federation, her broken family, her grandmother’s friends, played a lot of women’s soccer. Now, parents are working hard to support young girls. It is becoming the mother of women’s soccer,” he said. “Quality has grown a lot, but expansion of the base is still in progress. It is also related to the population problem in our country. Nor is it a situation where girls prefer to exercise. Expanding the base is a concern in the future,” he said.

The Spring Women’s Football Federation Tournament is a tournament that starts the year of women’s soccer. It is a place to show off their skills to the fullest after intense training throughout the winter. Chairman Oh said, “This is the first tournament that players will compete after going through winter training. Players need to be evaluated and we are at the moment of evaluation. The first competition is the most important. It’s the beginning of the year, so I’m always looking forward to it. I hope that this competition will continue to attract attention.”

◆ Changed environment and interest must be supported

The treatment of women’s soccer players has also improved compared to the past. Last year, the WK League held an awards ceremony for the first time, and many players were satisfied. The interest of the fans has increased as well. Chairman Oh Kyu-sang said, “Last year Ji So-yeon came to Korea and helped create a women’s soccer boom. Spectators come to the stadium only when there are famous players. As the number of fans increases, the performance of the players also increases.” More effort is needed this year. We have to show the direction women’s soccer should go,” he emphasized.

They are also considering ways to attract public attention. The Women’s World Cup will be held in Australia and New Zealand in July this year. The women’s soccer team, led by coach Colin Bell, recently started preparing in earnest by playing a warm-up match against Zambia. It’s time to pay attention to women’s soccer. The federation is preparing for activities related to ‘goal hitters’, which recently caused a soccer boom among female celebrities. Chairman Oh said, “First of all, we are pushing for participation in the competition even if it is not a registered club team at the federation level. I’m going to try it this year. Then, I wonder if there will be more interest in it,” he said. We are currently discussing. If it succeeds, they say that they will come to the stadium and promote it when there are no cast schedules. I think it will help mobilize the crowd or increase interest. There is a women’s soccer World Cup, and it will be an opportunity for women’s soccer to revive.”

◆ Investment is required

Chairman Oh Kyu-sang always emphasized the need to invest in women’s football. He is hoping for an equal chance with men’s football. In order to expand the base and achieve qualitative and quantitative growth, investments in various fields are desperately needed. Chairman Oh Kyu-sang said, “I have been leading women’s soccer for 14 years and expanding the base, but publicity is weak. “Soccer people have to do it together,” he said. “The relationship with the Korea Football Association is still insufficient. Women’s soccer has also become a professional. I hope the Korea Football Association will actively support and encourage women’s soccer as well.”

“Women’s soccer has the potential to go to the top of the world. International competition results attract attention, but it disappears over time. It’s a pity that we only get attention when we do well. I hope that the Korea Football Association will pay attention to women’s football as a policy. If that happens, I think Korean soccer can get better. In the future, I hope to draw a picture where men’s and women’s soccer grow together.”

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