The undefeated march to Pohang, a ‘dauntless enemy’, will Kim Ki-dong Magic work again?

Pohang Steelers are on the rise. The magic of Pohang coach Ki-dong Kim worked well.

It was a truly magical replacement card. Every number of substitutions made by manager Kim Ki-dong hit the mark. In Pohang, half of the team’s 10 goals this season, five goals, were scored by substitutes in the second half. Following Lee Ho-jae’s last-minute goal against Daegu FC in the opening match, Lee Ho-jae scored an equalizer in the 90th minute against Gangwon FC in the fourth round. In the Jeonbuk Hyundai game on the 1st, two substitutes, Baek Seong-dong and Jeka, shook the net. In the game against Gwangju FC on the 8th, Go Young-Jun scored a goal in the 2nd minute as a substitute.

Thanks to this, Pohang recorded 4 wins and 2 draws 안전놀이터(14 points) and placed second in the league. Along with leading Ulsan Hyundai (6 wins, 18 points), it is the only team that has not lost. It is the result of tying quality games and winning tie games and accumulating victory points step by step. The atmosphere is also good with the last two wins in a row.

Now, Pohang encounters a formidable enemy at an important street corner. On the 15th, we will face off against FC Seoul (4 wins, 2 losses, 12 points) at Pohang Steel Yard. It is a formidable opponent. It is just below the Pohang ranking, and the difference in points is not large. It is a game that comes with pressure. If Pohang loses to Seoul in this game, the rankings of the two teams will be reversed. Pohang, in particular, was not resolved when it met only Seoul. Pohang is ahead with 62 wins, 51 draws and 56 losses in the match between the two teams, but Seoul has the upper hand with 5 wins, 2 draws and 3 losses in the last 10 games. In last year’s head-to-head matchup, Seoul took the lead with 2 wins and 1 draw. Even if Pohang is showing a fierce pace this season, there is no choice but to feel the pressure. This is the time when Ki-Dong Kim needs more magic.

On the contrary, if Pohang performs well in the match against Seoul, it will prepare a foothold to continue the competition for the leading position. There is also the advantage of meeting the leading Ulsan on the 22nd while maintaining a good atmosphere.

Both teams have similar characteristics. Its fierce attack power is its greatest strength. Pohang scored in all but 1 of 6 games. Scorers are also widely distributed. Various players such as Baek Seong-dong, Jung Jae-hee, Ko Young-jun (2 goals), and Jeka (1 goal) scored goals, centering on Lee Ho-jae (3 goals), the team’s highest scorer. Seoul scored in all six matches. 3rd overall in team scoring with 12 goals. The previous match against Daegu FC also won 3-0.

In order for Seoul to rise even higher, it must catch Pohang. Lead striker Hwang Ui-jo gained confidence by scoring his debut goal, and Na Sang-ho is also in good shape by consistently scoring goals. It is also positive that 22-year-old goalkeeper Baek Jong-beom showed good saves and recently took the starting position. The defense is stable.

However, on the 12th, Seoul lost and was eliminated after a close match against Gimpo FC in the K-League 2 until the penalty shootout. It is urgent to get rid of the shock of defeat and the burden of physical strength.

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