‘The West, the East and the West’ are an old saying. Eastern world. Milwaukee, Boston, and Cleveland were swept from 1st to 4th place.

In the 2000s, the word ‘seo high and low’ was a key keyword in the NBA rankings.

Most of the strong players belonging to the Western Conference were candidates for the championship, while the East could advance to the quarterfinals with a 50% win rate. For this reason, the NBA Secretariat once had a move to reorganize 스포츠토토the East and West Conference systems. The imbalance was so great.

However, at this point, it is a thing of the past. Even more so this week. ‘Eastern Heaven’.

The Milwaukee Bucks took first place in CBS Sports’ weekly NBA Power Rankings. Normal power is running. Centered around Giannis Antetokounmpo, there is Zhuru Halladay, and there is also Chris Middleton, a matchmaker who has returned from a long rehabilitation. win-win The Boston Celtics ranked second, the Cleveland Cavaliers ranked third, and the Philadelphia 76ers ranked fourth. The top four teams are all from the Eastern Conference.

In the West, the Denver Nuggets took 5th place and the Sacramento Kings took 6th place and took pride. Six of the teams in the top 10 are from the East. The New York Knicks are 9th and the Miami Heat are 10th.

However, after a major trade, the power of the West is likely to be exerted from now on. Superstar Kevin Durant traded to the Phoenix Suns, and Kyrie Irving joined Dallas. The Los Angeles Clippers, who had been on a winning streak, fell 7 places to 12th place, and the Brooklyn Nets, who sent out all one-two punches in a large trade, also fell 7 places to 14th place.

The Golden State Warriors ranked 17th and the Los Angeles Lakers ranked 24th. It has not yet achieved a clear rebound.

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