“I did not give up until the end.”

Korean Air won hard. Korean Air won the Dodram 2022-2023 V-League Hyundai Capital home game held at Incheon Gyeyang Gymnasium on the 7th with a set score of 3-2. With the exception of the first set, close matches were held in every set, and the fans cheered as a tight match unfolded for the first time in a long time.

Korean Air, which gave the first set 19-25, won the second set after a deuce, and even took the third set 25-22, looking like it would not give up victory to Hyundai Capital. However, after a deuce in the 4th set, they lost 25-27, and the match continued until the 5th set. In the 5th set, Lim Dong-hyuk won 15-12 with Hyundai Capital’s 5 rooms bursting with a big success, scoring 7 points alone. With this victory, Korean Air blew the whistle of 9 consecutive victories, including 4 victories this season, against Hyundai Capital, which ranked second. 안전놀이터

Korean Air coach Tillikainen said, “Hyundai Capital struggled because they were armed with a strong serve. In the first set, Hyundai Capital’s serve came in well.”

Coach Tillikainen praised the fighting spirit of the players, saying, “Today we could not show a high-quality game.

On this day, Korean Air struggled with a total of 39 rooms, including 24 sub rooms. Tillikainen said, “No one wants to miss. There are days when the serve doesn’t go in no matter how you hit it. Still, I didn’t give up until the end, which led to good results.”