“There is no ‘quickly, quickly’ to find a successor to Bento”

The association proposes a policy to search for ‘regardless of nationality’ from a blank slate The
deadline at the end of February may be exceeded
“Maintaining the philosophy shared over the past four years”
Emphasis on leadership to bring out strong mentality

The command tower revealed the requirements that it must meet.

As Chairman Muller cited strong mental strength as both the value pursued by Korean football and the common characteristic of current world’s strongest teams, it seems that the ability to control the squad will be an important criterion for selecting a coach. He said that the nationality of the director is not important, and that he would only look for a new director according to the principle from a ‘blank slate’, that he would only refer to the director candidates recommended by the former chairman. There is a possibility that a manager will be selected beyond the February deadline, the deadline for appointing a new manager originally proposed by the association.

After the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, coach Paulo Bento put down the baton, and the Power Reinforcement Committee must recommend a new coach to the KFA. Chairman Muller said at a press conference held on the 11th at the Seoul Soccer Hall in Jongno-gu, “We have already established appointment standards, and we will begin the process of appointing a manager according to those standards.” “There is no special standard in relation to nationality,” he said.

According to Chairman Muller, there are five conditions for the new national team coach. “Experience and experience, how motivated you are, your ability to organize a team, environmental factors, etc.,” he said. He explained that the environmental factors are how satisfied the director is with the conditions presented by the association and whether or not living in Korea is possible.

Regarding the contract period, he said, “Personally, it seems stable to sign a long-term contract.” It is interpreted that he prefers to guarantee a long tenure, as in Bento’s time.

Chairman Müller also announced that he would continue the philosophy shared by Bento and the association over the past four years. He said, “It is a part that develops strong mental strength, fighting spirit, and personal characteristics more,” and “it is independent of the play style.” He cited strong mentality as what the top three teams in the Qatar World Cup have in common. Here, as a characteristic of strong teams, I heard the tactics that change from time to time in the middle of the game. It is expected that they will prefer a manager who can use various tactics depending on the match situation with the opposing team.안전놀이터

Chairman Muller revealed that he had received the first list of candidates from former Chairman Lee Yong-soo, saying, “In the current situation, we plan to leave all directions open and review. I will use my personal network to review it.”

Müller served as a full-time coach, coach for youth ages (under 15, under 18), and under-21 team scout at the German Football Federation. When asked if the German leader was also considering it, he said, “I am German, but I have to think internationally. In that sense, as I said earlier, I am thinking with all directions open.” He said that he would reflect the opinions of the players in appointing a coach.

Previously, at the board of directors meeting last month, the KFA proposed a plan to finalize the appointment of the national team manager by February. This was in consideration of the schedule to match the breath with the players in the A-match evaluation match scheduled for March. Regarding the timing of appointing a new coach, Chairman Mueller emphasized, “It will be possible to appoint a manager only when the procedure is followed, rather than proceeding unconditionally ‘quickly’.”

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