Tottenham completely exploited by Slott… ‘Teacher Oh’ emerges as next manager

Celtic boss Enze Postecoglou is fast becoming the favorite to be Tottenham’s next manager.

Tottenham are currently in the midst of a massive managerial search. After sacking Antonio Conte, Fabio Paratici, who was in the running for the job, was banned from working in soccer by FIFA.

Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy has since taken the lead in the search for a new manager. Several names were mentioned, and after just two months of the acting manager, Arne Schott became the favorite. The fans were also in favor of Slott’s appointment.토토사이트

Slott led Feyenoord to the Dutch Eredivisie title in the 2022-23 season. The team’s dominant performance in the league, which included wins over Ajax and PSV Eindhoven, made him even more highly regarded.

There is already talk in the Netherlands that he is the next Erik ten Haag. Ten Haag took Ajax from the fringes of European soccer to the forefront of European competition, playing an attacking style of soccer that paid off beyond the Netherlands. Slott is following a similar path.

However, Slott has suddenly decided to stay. In an interview with Dutch publication AD Sport, he said, “I’ve heard a lot of interest from other clubs. I appreciate that, but my desire is to stay at Feyenoord and continue to build on the foundations we have laid in the last two seasons. There are no ongoing negotiations. The discussions have only been about a possible extension. I am looking forward to the new season at Feyenoord,” he said, confirming his stay at Feyenoord.

Slott’s sudden change of position is likely due to the fact that negotiations between the two clubs have broken down. Tottenham had to pay a penalty fee to Feyenoord in order to bring him back. Initially, it was reported that Slott had a buyout clause at Feyenoord, just like the players.

Slott’s buyout, reportedly worth £6 million, would not be triggered until after 2024. If Feyenoord were to take Slott, they would reportedly only ask for a sum similar to the buyout clause, even though it is not yet triggered.

However, when Slott wanted to take the entire coaching staff under him, Feyenoord upped the ante. In addition to coaches Marino Pusic and Spike Holshof, Slott wanted to take Ruben Peters.

Feyenoord then increased the penalty by 2.5 times. “Tottenham are facing the prospect of paying a whopping £15 million to lure managerial target Slott away from Feyenoord, a figure that has risen significantly as Slott’s agent, Raffaella Pimenta, holds crucial talks with Feyenoord hierarchy,” explained the UK’s Daily Mail.

Tottenham were reluctant to spend £15 million on Slott, who has no big-club experience and not a great track record as a manager. Whatever the reason, Spurs have been criticized for not having a permanent manager in place for two months.

Some have suggested that Slott used Spurs to get a better deal to re-sign. Alex Crook, a reporter for Talk Sport in the UK, tweeted after seeing an interview with Slott confirming that he was staying at Feyenoord: “Another bad news story for Tottenham. It’s almost as if Slott has used Spurs to extend his contract.”

Photo by Romano

In fact, Feyenoord reportedly made a new offer for Slott at a significantly increased salary after Tottenham showed interest in him. European transfer market expert Fabrizio Romano wrote on social media, “Slott will soon sign a new contract with Feyenoord. An agreement was reached in a meeting yesterday and will be announced soon. His decision will not be reversed. He will remain at Feyenoord and will not join Tottenham.”

With the search back to square one, Spurs are now looking for a manager from the existing pool of candidates. Postecoglou has emerged as one of the favorites to take over. Postecoglou is the man who brought Oh Hyun-gyu to Celtic. Under Postecoglou, Celtic have become the dominant force in Scotland.

According to the UK’s Independent, “Tottenham are seriously considering Postecoglou as one of their next managerial candidates after Slott decided to stay at Feyenoord. There is hope that the deal will be smoother than Feyenoord’s due to the good relationship between the parties involved. Postecoglou is generally regarded as one of the most exciting managers in world football,” the report said.

“Postecoglou has won back-to-back league titles with Celtic and is on the verge of a domestic treble. His progressive tactical approach makes him worthy of consideration” and highly recommended Postecoglou to Tottenham.

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