Tottenham unexpected opportunity?… Inter core CB, “There was no offer”

There is still no offer for Inter Milan’s key defender Milan Skriniar .

Škriniar, who can be said to be the core of Inter Milan’s defense, transferred from Sampdoria to Inter Milan in 2017 and has been playing a steady role so far. Equipped with his stable aerial competition ability and build-up ability, Shukriniar is enjoying his prime at the age of 27.

Skriniar has attracted interest from several big clubs in the summer transfer window. In particular, Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) and Tottenham were aiming for him. In particular, PSG tried to convince Inter Milan senior Ashraf Hakimi. Eventually, however, negotiations broke down and Skriniar remained at Inter Milan.

Rather, PSG wants Shkriniar out of contract. Shkriniar’s current contract expires in June 2023. This is because, if you become a free agent (FA), you only have to negotiate an annual salary with Shkriniar, making the transfer much simpler. 메이저사이트

The more welcome news for PSG is the fact that Shkriniar is refusing to renew the contract until the end. Inter Milan rejected an offer from PSG in the transfer window last summer, and are offering him a new contract again. However, journalist Matteo Barzaghi, who is familiar with the Italian transfer market, said, “Skriniar has not made a final decision, but he will not accept Inter Milan’s renewal. I was offered a salary of 10,000, but it was rejected. For now, Skriniar wants to keep all possibilities open.”

Perhaps because everyone is waiting for the contract to expire, there have been reports that there has been no official offer to Shkriniar yet. Italian transfer market expert Gianluca Di Marzio told the Italian media ‘Sky Italia’, “So far, Inter Milan have not received an offer for Skriniar from PSG or any other club.”

Meanwhile, in the beginning, Skriniar was also a target for Tottenham Hotspur. And it could be Tottenham’s chance as PSG is also currently waiting for Škriniar to be released as a free agent. Currently, Tottenham is building a back 3 of Eric Dier, Christian Romero and Ben Davies, but they are having a difficult season due to continuing defensive anxiety. It remains to be seen if there will be a reversal before Tottenham’s signing of Shkriniar.

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