“Tottenham’s official dream is a delusion + misunderstanding” Controversy over ‘last word’ towards acting Mason

A person who played in the lower league during his active career has been controversial by pouring out ‘last words’ close to curses toward Tottenham’s acting coach Ryan Mason.

Scottish native 메이저놀이터 Gregoire Robertson appeared on the podcast of ‘The Times’ on the 16th (hereinafter referred to as Korean market) and pointed out that Mason’s hopes of getting rid of the acting tag are ‘delusional’. He also argued that even having the idea that it was feasible was an ‘illusion’.

“It’s a stark contrast to a lot of players who shouldn’t be on the bench in the Premier League. Frank Lampard, Dean Smith, Mason,” he said. There have been several appointments as directors,” he said. Lampard is serving as interim manager for Chelsea, Smith for Leicester City and Mason for Tottenham.

Acting Mason has not hesitated to state his ambitions. He led Tottenham as an acting manager after manager Jose Mourinho was sacked in April 2021. He went 4-3 in 7 games.

This is his second challenge. Acting Mason said he was ready. He did not hide his wish to become a full-time director, not an acting manager.

Prior to directing the first game on the 26th of last month, he said, “I honestly feel like I’m ready. If that happens, it obviously means we’ve done well. But now is the time to focus on the game. It’s a few weeks to start thinking about it It remains,” he said, drawing attention.

Acting Mason is 31 years old. He walked the ground wearing a Tottenham uniform along with Harry Kane and Son Heung-min. However, after moving to Hull City, he collapsed with a major injury of a skull fracture in January 2017 against Chelsea. Although his surgery was successful, his return to the field was thwarted. Mason retired early at the age of 26 and joined Tottenham’s coaching staff in April 2018.

Currently, Kane and other players are supporting Mason. Tottenham, which is having trouble appointing a manager, has also put Acting Mason on the list of candidates for the next head coach.

“I think I can help the club,” Mason said before the match against Aston Villa.

He commanded 4 games in the capacity of ‘actor of acting’. He continues challenging experiments such as a modified fabric, but his performance is poor with 1 win, 1 draw and 2 losses.

Tottenham has fallen to 7th place (57 points). They are only ahead of eighth-placed Aston Villa on goal difference. Advancement to the European Champions League next season has already been cancelled. The Europa League was also difficult. Participation in the Europa Conference League is also in the fog.

Is Mason’s dream a delusion or ambition?

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