‘Treatment in Japan’ Lotte’s main shortstop recovers quickly… “It’s progressing well”

Roh Jin-hyeok (34, Lotte Giants), who lost his side injury, is going through the rehabilitation process smoothly.토토사이트

Noh Jin-hyeok appeared in 51 games this season and recorded a batting average of .207, 3 homers, 25 RBIs and 7 stolen bases. He holds the center of the infield with a stable defense. However, since the match against Hanwha Eagles on the 14th, he has not been able to play. He felt pain in his side and was excluded from the first team entry on the 15th.

Noh Jin-hyeok recently moved to Ijima Rehabilitation in Yokohama, Japan and is concentrating on treatment. Hwang Seong-bin, who recently injured his ankle during a base steal attempt, also benefited greatly from Ijima Rehabilitation.

Lotte coach Larry Sutton said, “The pace isn’t fast, but we’re making great progress. We’re getting good treatment.”

Jeong-hoon, who was excluded from the first team entry on the 17th due to a side injury, is also recovering smoothly. Director Sutton said, “It’s the same for Jung-hoon,” and he said that his physical condition is improving along with Noh Jin-hyuk.

On the other hand, Jack Rex, who returned on the 6th after leaving due to a knee injury, will continue to manage as he is not 100% yet.

Director Sutton said, “It’s not 100%, but it’s in the best condition now. We need to keep managing it.” Rex starts as the fourth hitter and left fielder.

On this day, Lotte had Koh Seung-min (1st baseman) – Jeon Jun-woo (designated hitter) – Ahn Chi-hong (2nd baseman) – Rex (left fielder) – Han Dong-hee (3rd baseman) – Yoon Dong-hee (right fielder) – Park Seung-wook (shortstop) – Yu Kang-nam (catcher) – Kim Min-seok ( center fielder) was named in the starting lineup.

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