Umpire ejected, player ejected, cameras removed after brawl in US baseball’s Frontier League

An umpire has been ejected from a baseball game by his fellow umpires.

Umpires and players were ejected and TV cameras were removed from a Frontier League game the previous day (Nov. 29) after a heated argument and scuffle, the New York Post and other U.S. media outlets reported.

According to the reports, during the Trinity Valley Cats vs. New York Boulders game on Aug. 28, a New York player violently protested when the first base umpire asked him to remove a tablet computer from the New York dugout. The umpire then became verbally abusive and physically confrontational with the player, and a fellow umpire who was trying to stop them ejected the umpire and the player together.

The first base umpire asked for the tablet to be put away because the Trinity manager claimed that the New York dugout was stealing signs.

After the umpire and player were ejected, the home team, New York, also removed the TV cameras in center field.스포츠토토

The Frontier League is an MLB partner league and is not affiliated with any major league team. However, MLB is reportedly promoting the league to grow the sport in the United States and Canada.

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