Whether it’s porridge or rice in Chelsea, let’s do it! ‘Declining the MLS offer’

A striker whose position has decreased in Chelsea is determined to fight until the end.

The British media ‘Telegraph’ said on the 11th, “Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has refused to transfer to the American stage” and “will fight for his place at Chelsea.”

Aubameyang joined Chelsea from Barcelona in the summer transfer window. There was an active will of Thomas Tuchel. He had been together in Dortmund, and he wanted to reproduce the synergy effect.

Aubameyang also hoped to reunite 메이저놀이터with his teacher Tuchel and return to the familiar British stage, and the transfer to Chelsea was completed.

However, Aubameyang faced a crisis. He left Chelsea after being notified of the hardship of Tuhel, who had recruited him.

Aubameyang’s performance is also not good. 3 goals and 2 assists this season are all. With the addition of Joao Felix and Mihailo Mudrik, Chelsea’s place is shrinking.

In the end, Obama took a direct hit. Manager Graham Porter has made a decision to exclude him from the roster and will not be able to play in the Champions League with Chelsea.

Transfer rumors were raised with the evaluation that Aubameyang was excluded from the Champions League entry and was in fact classified as out of power.

LAFC of the American Major League Soccer (MLS) has actively expressed interest in Aubameyang and is known to have even set up a negotiating table with Chelsea.

However, Aubameyang was not satisfied. He judged that he was not yet ready to advance to the American stage, and it seems that he expressed his will to continue fighting for his position at Chelsea.

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