Who are the four clubs that have yet to complete the formation of foreign players waiting for?

24 foreign players have been confirmed to play in the 2023 KBO League. Only six players from four clubs remain without contracts.

SSG Landers, the champion of the 2022 season, is unable to find a replacement hitter for Juan Lagares, and the LG Twins, who are thirsty for a championship, hit Abraham Almonte as a substitute hitter for Lovel Garcia, who returned home early without being named in the fall baseball. There has been no news of a foreign hitter since the contract was canceled after a problem was discovered in the medical test while trying to sign for a dollar.

In comparison, the NC Dinos recruited James Martin, who is regarded as a ‘semi-class outfielder’, as a replacement hitter for Nick Martini for a total of $1 million ($180,000 contract fee, $720,000 annual salary, $100,000 incentive). No news.

In addition, the Hanwha Eagles would have signed Felix Pena, who was recruited as a replacement for Nick Kingham, for $850,000 (down payment of $100,000, annual salary of $550,000, and incentive of $200,000), an increase of $350,000 from this year’s total of $500,000. Only one pitcher and one hitter are unsigned.

Recently, there has been talk that NC is negotiating a contract with a player with full-time major league selection experience for a foreign pitcher position, but there is still no news about the other pitcher.

Due to this wind, it is stated that they have only announced their intention to renew the contract with Drew Luchinski, who is outwardly prioritizing returning to the major leagues, but have not talked about specific contracts, but there is a reasonable doubt that they are still unable to abandon their attachment to Luchinski. there is.

Luchinski, who received $2 million ($300,000 contract fee, $1.6 million annual salary, $100,000 in incentives), the highest among foreign pitchers in the 2022 season, was rumored to be eyeing several major league teams, and Luchinski himself returned to the major leagues. is a priority situation. However, news of Luchinski’s major league contract has not been heard.

Therefore, NC is cautiously gaining strength from the prospect that the task of recruiting the remaining single-digit foreign pitcher may be delayed until Luchinski’s U-turn in the major leagues is certain.

Hanwha has to exclude Jefri Ramirez from the 2023 reserve list and search for a new foreign pitcher, but it is still undecided. 메이저사이트

The contract with Mike Tuckman, who played all 144 games this season, has not been made. Although he has excellent outfield defense and stable hitting enough to hit 166 hits in the season, the evaluation that his long hitting power is insufficient with 12 home runs just above 10 seems to be holding his ankle. There is also news that some say that salary issues are preventing renewal of contracts.

In the midst of this, at one time, news came that Hanwha was impending a contract with Rafael Ortega. Rafael Ortega, an outfielder for the Chicago Cubs with a career batting average of 0.250 and 21 home runs in six major league seasons, became a non-tender free agent after the 2022 season ended. However, the prospect that if Ortega turns to the Asian side, it will be the Japanese side that is guaranteed more money than the KBO, is gaining strength, and now it has entered the state.

It is somewhat surprising that Hanwha, which showed sincerity in strengthening its power by showing a quick move in recruiting free agents as general manager Jeong Min-cheol took over as general manager Jeong Min-cheol’s successor, seems to be slowing down in appointing foreign players.

Each club has created a foreign player scouting report and is contacting them in various ways. NC and Hanwha are no exception. As much as it is late, it may mean that there is a perfect player waiting for the character of the team. Who will be that foreign player?