“Why does an American star go to the British relegation team?”… American Legend’s ‘Worry’

Eric Winalda, one of the greatest legends in the history of American football, was worried about Weston McKennie, the greatest star of American football.

Winalda is a legend who played 106 A-matches while wearing the uniform of the U.S. national team. The reason he worries about McKennie is because of McKennie’s team. In the transfer window last winter, McKennie left Italy’s Serie A Juventus to join Leeds United on loan in the English Premier League.

Leeds announced on the 31st of last month토토사이트 , “We are delighted to have hired Juventus midfielder McKennie. There is also an option for a complete transfer after the season ends.”

Then, Winalda appeared on an American TV show and said, “McKennie’s move to Leeds United is not good for American football.”

He added, “Was McKennie the best choice? That’s not my answer. Juventus are currently on disciplinary action, so he could have chosen a transfer. But Arsenal and Aston Villa would have been good destinations.”

Winalda’s negative view is that Leeds United could be in danger of relegation.

He said, “I worry about the image of American soccer if an American football star is relegated in England. Whether or not he is a member of the team that is being relegated is important. That’s what I’m worried about. I think it’s a realistic possibility. There were also American players. This is football.”

Leeds United are currently 15th in the Premier League. However, the points are equal to West Ham in 16th place with 18 points, and there is a difference of 1 point with Bournemouth in 18th place (17 points). The gap with 20th place Southampton (15 points) is only 3 points.

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