‘Why does PSG recruit KIM?’ Manchester United breathes a sigh… British media “A strong candidate has appeared!”

Manchester United have shown a long-standing interest in Kim Min-jae, who is regarded as one of the best defenders in Europe this season and has won the Serie A title.메이저놀이터

According to the media, Manchester United manager Eric ten Haag is eager to sign a left-back, central defender to replace Harry Maguire. However, French Ligue 1 PSG also wants to recruit Kim Min-jae, and there is a possibility that Manchester United’s center back blood transfusion plan may be disrupted. Another British media outlet, The Telegraph, also reported that “PSG has emerged as a strong player before signing Kim Min-jae.”

Previously, following the news that Newcastle also wanted Kim Min-jae, there was a foreign report that Naples also started to ‘catch Min-jae Kim’. Man United, PSG, Newcastle, and even Napoli, the original team, are passionately courting Kim Min-jae.

Manchester United has shown great interest in signing Kim Min-jae since last winter. There are frequent injury variables to make a long-term plan with the main center back combination of Lisandro Martinez and Rafael Baran. In addition, Harry Maguire is also likely to leave Manchester United this summer. For Manchester United, transfusion of defensive resources is a must, not an option.

It was a recent atmosphere as if Kim Min-jae’s man fashion was recognized as a fait accompli as even a specific amount was reported.

Nicolo Skira, who is familiar with football news, said on the 8th, “Kim Min-jae is getting closer and closer to Man U, who is ready to pay Napoli for a buyout clause.” About 8.4 billion won) I handed over an offer to add an additional bonus to my annual salary.”

Italy’s ‘Calcio Mercato’ also reported that “Man Utd is likely to take Kim Min-jae” and “Man Utd will pay (a buyout amount) 60 million euros (about 84 billion won).” It is known that Kim Min-jae has already said goodbye to his Naples colleagues, packed his bags, and returned to Korea to receive basic military training for three weeks from mid-June.

Italy’s ‘Il Martino’ claimed that the contract between Kim Min-jae and Manchester United was virtually finished, and that Kim Min-jae had even found a house to live in England. The US’CBS Sports’ also said, “Man United is leading the race to recruit Kim Min-jae.”

In the midst of this, Newcastle, who finished fourth in the English Premier League (EPL) this season and earned a ticket to the European Football Federation Champions League for the next season, also participated in the recruitment of Kim Min-jae.

British media ‘Talk Sports’ reported on the 9th that “Newcastle are trying to hijack Kim Min-jae.” Newcastle are predicting that former defender Jamal Lascelles will leave the team. They want to fill that position with Kim Min-jae, who has grown into a world-class defender.

In addition, ‘Talk Sports’ said, “Kim Min-jae’s agent visited St. James Park, the home ground of Newcastle’s last game of the season, and had a conversation with the board.” also explained

Kim Min-jae’s buyout will be temporarily activated for two weeks from July 1st to 15th. Clubs willing to pay his buyout amount, which is known to be 60 million euros, can open a negotiation table directly with Kim Min-jae.

Naples was added here.

British media ‘Express’ said on the 9th, “Napoli proposed new contract renewal conditions to remove the buyout clause to Kim Min-jae.”

If the buyout clause is deleted, a transfer fee that reflects the Napoli club’s will is set. It means that a sky-high ransom can be put on Kim Min-jae, and if that happens, the clubs that want Kim Min-jae can withdraw from the recruitment of Kim Min-jae because they cannot agree on the financial part.

The fact that does not change is that the number of teams that want Kim Min-jae increases over time. ‘God of football’ Lionel Messi also entered PSG’s radar network. Kim Min-jae’s options are diversifying.

[Photos] Serie A social media.

Meanwhile, Kim Min-jae, who moved from Fenerbahce (Turkiye) to Naples ahead of the 2022-2023 season, contributed greatly to the team’s first Serie A championship in 33 years with his defense without ups and downs.

Kim Min-jae played 35 league games, scoring 2 goals and 2 assists, and led Napoli to the least points allowed in the league (28 goals). He played in 35 league games this season and hit the ground for 3,054 minutes. He recorded 2 goals and 2 assists. He also compiled a report card with 1.6 tackles, 1.2 interceptions, 3.5 clearances and 0.7 shooting blocks per game.

On the 2nd, he was honored to be the first Asian player to be selected as the best defender in Serie A. This is the first time that the Serie A best defender award, which was first established in the 2018-2019 season, went to a member of the winning team. In addition, Kim Min-jae was the first Asian player to receive the award.

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